October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

It's hard to believe it was only 20 hours ago that we were loading the last of our possessions onto the moving truck. Now, we are driving across the state, ready to see our new home: an old crappy mansion. Just cause home renovation is the family business.
Mom reminds me, “The only reason we got it so cheap is we told the landlord we would improve the structure, because he wants it to be restored to its former glory.” I know that she really means, which is that I will improve the structure. Something tells me, that isn’t the only reason.
We finally get to the house I take a glimpse and I get the moving items I hear the first of the many sounds it sounds like a wolf or coyote howling in the distance, but what would I know I’m just a city slicker, so I carry the last box in and forget about it.
Mom calls for dinner. I sit at the old table that came with this home. She puts a cloth over the table, so we don’t get splinters when we eat. She made the worst steak ever, but I ate it anyway.
I choke the food down and head to the shower. I step in and immediately a rushing flow of brown goop comes out and hits me square in the face. It pours all over my body as I hurtle to the floor, trying to get out of that disgusting massacre of a shower. As soon as I step out of the bathroom, my mother yells to me make sure and wait for the shower pipes to flush out, because it could be a real mess. I tell her that it won’t flush all the way out. She laughs and starts up the stairs. As she turns the bathroom doorknob the water instantly becomes crystal clear, but she tells me that the water will be cold for a couple more days. Due to the stupid broken water heater. So I hurry up and get out. Hoping to catch the last of the Saints football game before bed.

I wake abruptly to the sound of a fairly loud plumber, so I walk down the stairs to find a man in the bathroom working on the shower. My mother says that the shower sprung a leak. I felt like it was more of a burst. The entire bathroom was covered in water. The only good thing that came out of that was the fact that he said he could replace all the old water heaters.
Sadly, Mom decided I will retile the floors after lunch, so we head to the nearby home improvement store. Hoping we can get mortar, shingles for the roofer, tiles for the bathroom from the store, and will stop by the bank for some more cash on the way back. I get home, and the plumber teaches me how to tile. Then I will head up to help the roofer with the shingles. We finally finished a large portion of the roof and we ate dinner before he left. I went to take a bath in my mother's room before bed because of the floors not being dry, and found out that she has not realized how bad her walls look. Cause of the peeling of the paint. She has been putting this particular room off. I get out and speak to her about fixing the walls, and she says she will be doing it tomorrow.
The house is looking much better, a year later the roof is fixed the tiles are dry. I love the new shower. We still have a couple more things to do, like putting in a new gas line for the stove, but for now, the house looks good. We are going to sell this house, then run into another crappier house that is next to the college that I have been accepted into. So, we pack up the last of our belongings and head out for the next adventure of home renovation.

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