Seven Years

October 27, 2017
By kaylizebra18 BRONZE, Centerville, Minnesota
kaylizebra18 BRONZE, Centerville, Minnesota
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It was a beautiful, breezy fall morning, still early enough where the sun was hidden underneath the tree line, but it’s aura was lighting up the edge of the sky. Xavier had been planning this for months; Luna and his seven year anniversary was tomorrow. Luna was the girl he planned on spending a lifetime with, more if it was possible. She was something of a dream, she had the kindest heart a person could have but yet still had this flare of fire that you couldn’t help but fall in love with. Her smile gave him life every single day, more than you could imagine. She was truly light in the darkness to him and he was the same for her, and today was the day, the big day, and he was gonna make it perfect. Flowers to wake her up in the morning, sour-patch kids, since she didn’t like chocolate, and of course a huge oversized teddy bear, that she’d cherish forever and probably hug to death. Then he’d take her outside to the car and their bags would be packed in the back seat, Luna would be confused at first but then he’d tell her that they were spending their anniversary in the beautiful mountains of Montana, which was a six hour drive away and he hated long car rides and Luna’s been there countless amounts of times but she never grows old of seeing the sun rise and set everyday and hearing the melody of the song birds throughout the day. The thought of making her smile fueled him to bring her anywhere.

They were all smiles, it was so peaceful just enjoying the serenity and comfort of each other. No words could describe this feeling of pure joy and I guess love some would say. It was 7:32am, Xavier was driving down the road, Luna in the passenger seat, staring out the open windows like it was the most livening feeling to have the wind in her hair, the sun was rising as they flew down the road without a care. They were passing through this little town, Luna pointed out this cute bakery with a funny name, “Lucky Sock” is what it was called, she’s always had a love for sweets and an eye for quirky things, it was on the right side of the road and Xavier being curious, of course had to look over real quick, and he too thought it was a funny name, as he was chuckled lightly turning his head back to the road, seeing the light at the intersection had turned red, but he didn’t have enough time to stop, he could speed through it right? He immediately realized he had made a mistake; as he saw a semi-truck barreling out onto the road. Xavier laid on his horn and slammed on his brakes, Luna screamed and in that moment time froze. Xavier saw Luna's beautiful face but he also saw the sheer terror that washed over her as she realized what was about to happen. He didn’t know what to do, but he wanted to protect her as much as he could, cause slamming on the breaks wasn’t going to help anymore, they we going to fast and the semi was coming to close. So he unbuckled his seatbelt and shielded her with his body. Then all he could hear is the sharp sound of breaking glass and feel an almost painful numbing in his head, the warmth of Luna’s body leave him as he felt himself jolt forward out of the now nonexistent windshield and in an instant and he landed on the harsh, unforgiving road and then he was encompassed by complete and utter darkness.


It was alarmingly cold but yet it smelled like fresh grass, and pure rain, morning dew maybe? Xavier assumed he was on the rough ground but then he moved his hand and felt smooth material. Then he heard it, a sound that Luna made him stop and listen to, chiming through his mind, songbirds, singing a calming melody from above him. Was it a dream? Where was Luna? All these questions started bombarding his previous state of confusion. He opened his eyes in a panic, fearing what had hopefully been just a dream. When he sat up in a rush he realized he was in a tent, still being confused he frantically looked around and then he saw her; lying there with all the blankets wrapped around her small body (like she usually did), peacefully sleeping. She was okay, she was there, she was alive. They were in the mountains, it was there seven year anniversary.

He smiled and he hugged her as tight as he could without breaking her. She gradually opened her eyes and smiled along with him saying “What’s the occasion?” he laughed a little and said “Well you see, we’ve been together seven years and I felt like you needed a hug for putting up with me so long.” Luna answered him with a laugh and returned his hug tightly. They exited the tent cause Luna absolutely had to see the sunrise and Xavier couldn’t deny her, so he grabbed a blanket knowing that as soon as they were out there for as little as five minutes she’d complain about the cold and ask for him to grab one anyways so she could stay and patiently watch the sunrise and exactly that happened but he was prepared. So while Luna was sitting on a picnic table next to their tent watching the sky light up before her. Xavier decided to make a fire and cook breakfast, bacon and eggs, Luna’s favorite. When it was done he gave it to her and they just sat and enjoyed the beauty that was the mountains while the sky changed before them. Talking occasionally but mainly just letting each other speak silently through one another’s company.

A few hours passed, it was 8:14pm. They spent their day enjoying the almost surreal scenery, talking and being on the lake that was hidden amongst the mountain passes. Luna pointed out chipmunks and squirrels that scurried across the fallen autumn leafs and ran up pine trees. It was the perfect day, although Xavier still had the dream from his last nights sleep floating around in his head, he just couldn’t shake it for whatever reason, but either way everything was going so perfect. He’s never seen Luna so exquisitely beautiful with happiness. Now was the time to do what he’s been planning the whole time. He was gonna propose, he was scared out of his mind but now was the absolute perfect time, it’s been seven years he couldn’t leave her waiting forever and quite frankly he couldn’t wait any longer himself. The bonfire illuminated the area, the sun had just set but it still remained on the edge of the world cascading it’s glow through the trees. It was slightly chilly but the fire helped with that. So while Luna sat there unexpectedly sitting on a log by the fire staring at the treetops above her, Xavier let his feet carry him over to Luna. She looked over to him with a puzzled look confused as to why he was just standing there staring at her so funnily then he got down on one knee, pulled out a little black box and opened it with a dazzling diamond ring inside and said “Luna, I know this has been long overdue and I’ve been too scared to do it for seven long amazing years but now is the time, I can’t wait any longer I need to make you mine forever and anything that comes beyond that, so will you Luna May Cavatica marry me?”

Xavier knelt there, his heart pounding out of his chest, so loud and annoying it sounded like beeping in his ears, he could barely hear himself think, his heart actually physically hurt waiting there, silently, while Luna’s mouth was partially hung open as she processed everything that just happened, but then she started crying tears of joy, she jumped up and hugged him, nearly knocking him over while he regained his balance and stood, holding her. But this horrible beeping was still there in his ears causing him to have a hard time concentrating, he didn’t understand why it was so persistent but it didn’t matter, that wasn’t important right now, he just needed her to say that one word and as Luna pulled her head back with her arms still around his neck and she said “Ye… y…”. What was going on? Xavier thought, he could see Luna saying something but he couldn’t hear her, this beeping in his mind was so loud and his head felt like exploding, it was too much pain, what was happening? Then he felt everything start to fade, Luna was disappearing right before him everything was unraveling, he was so lost and confused he wanted her back but everything was slipping out from beneath his fingertips. He yelled for her to stay, begging her not to go but his own voice was ringing in his head, she was like a ghost evaporating into the background of darkness that now had completely surrounded them, then seconds later, he was alone. The shadowy death creeped closer to his body and he couldn’t stop it, he couldn’t get Luna back, he couldn’t do anything. While the dark death suffocated him, he remembered Luna’s smile and he held onto it as he slipped away into the shadows, forgetting everything else besides her.

“Luna, are you okay? I know today’s hard for you and I understand but I’m here if you need me, always.” Cecilia said as she watched Luna stare into her coffee cup slowly, mindlessly swirling it around. Cecilia never understood why Luna loved this bakery so much, it was a major dive of a place and the name didn’t help either, the “Lucky Sock” isn’t exactly a very appealing name. But ever since Xavier passed away 13 years ago she’s gone here, no one knows why. She says it has sentimental value, no one questioned it. Luna responded by saying “I know you’re here for me, I just don’t feel like talking today. I think I’m gonna go visit him, I’ll call you later, okay?” “Okay Lun, be safe.” said Cecilia and with that Luna nodded, gave a faint, fake smile, got up and left, hearing the bakery bell ring on the door as it opened and closed. Letting the cold autumn air welcome her outside as it always did this time of year. She let her legs carry her to the store, she had some errands to run before she could visit him. So she ran into the store and came out with what she needed and carried on down the road, “A left, a right, two more lefts and finally one more right” she thought. She slowed her steps as she approached the familiar stone. Xavier Dakota Davery, 2001-2027, is what the gravestone read. Luna couldn’t believe it’s been so long since she last saw his smile and heard his whole hearted laugh, she began to become a little teary but then she remembered the gifts she had brought for him, flowers, sour-patch kids and a huge oversized teddy bear. As she set them down on Xavier’s grave she said “Happy 20 year anniversary Xav, love you.”

(13 years ago)
Luna had just got through her check up to make sure she was okay from the crash, the doctors told her Xavier was in a coma due to major head trauma from not wearing a seatbelt but because he protected Luna, she lived, he saved her, Luna was so angry with him for being so stupid and putting himself last but she didn’t have to time to be upset because the doctors also told her that Xavier didn’t have a chance of making it the damage was far to severe, he couldn’t come back from it and soon, within a few hours his body would shut down. Luna didn’t think they were serious, they had to be wrong, Xavier couldn’t leave her. Not now, she needed him, it was there seven year anniversary they were supposed to be in the mountains right now, this was a small delay and he’d be up in no time, he was tough, everything’s gonna be alright she thought. So Luna didn’t let the news truly sink in, but she walked on into Xavier’s room and held his hand and talked to him for hours about all the things they were gonna do once he woke up like she knew he would, squeezing his hand a little every so often to remind him he could wake up any minute, and they could leave when he was ready, there was no rush.

As Luna was talking to him she fixed his hair cause she knew that he always had to have his hair perfect no matter what, then she froze and her heart dropped onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces, when she heard a noise that didn’t belong in that room, ever, that noise didn’t belong in any room in this whole hospital, but especially not this one, Luna heard a rapid beep coming from the heart monitor then it flatlined, Luna panicked and ran into the hall screaming for doctors “Help please anyone, just help him!” doctors came and them went into the room Luna wasn’t allowed in, so she was the hall crying so hard, in a ball on the ground, it’s a wonder she didn’t run out of tears. The doctors came out to talk to her and everything was mumbled she didn’t understand. They couldn’t be right. Xavier was fine. He was still there. He wouldn’t leave her, he couldn’t do that to her. Luna ran into the room and saw the sheets lifted over his handsome, loving face, in that moment she knew it was real, this wasn’t some sick joke, the love of her life was gone and all she had now was flowers that were going to die, sour-patch kids that would leave her soon too and a huge oversized teddy bear that she’ll cherish forever.

The author's comments:

This is my first short story and I loved writing it, hope you´ll like reading it.

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