Always Look Both Ways Before-!

October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Always Look Both Ways Before-!
It was a normal day during the weekend. The sun shining, the neighborhood empty. It was as quiet as usual, sometimes the cars drive on by, but nothing else. Every few months you could look around and see a party of some sort being hosted in the neighborhood. Then you got to my house. “Can I ride my bike outside today?” I ask my mother, excitement rushing through me. I thought no wasn’t an option. I convinced her to say yes. But I had to use a lot of facts as excuses: the weather was fine, my dad can pump the tires, and I even agreed to wear my helmet, which got me the victory of the argument. So I immediately started plunging toward my dad to pump up the tires on my bike.
So that afternoon, I shuffled out of my house on my bike, without my helmet. This was because I never really obeyed rules I thought wouldn’t make a difference. Like having a helmet while riding a bike, or putting on my seatbelt in the car. So after I made my way to the front yard, my mother and my sister finally got outside, after what seemed like a boring moment of waiting. “I’m going to go fast, bye!” I yelled, loud enough for them to hear. I heard my mother’s slightly unconvincing approval, but I thought she meant it anyway. Then I left them trailing behind me, and started biking onward.
I loved biking. The wind, the speed, and the weather was perfect. I started to try to slow down, because I didn’t want to completely leave behind my mother and my sister. I made a little stop and turned to check on my mother and sister. They did start walking a little bit already. So I speeded along the usual route, to Three Oaks Park. With much hesitation, I stopped and turned around again, just to check on my mother and my sister. They were just a tad bit too far behind, so I decided to wait a bit for them to catch up at least half way.... I sit there and look around. The neighborhood is the same as it’s always been. I turn back around to find them already caught up, somewhat startling me. So I start pedaling again, on the way to the park, when I heard my mother yell, “Did you wear your helmet?” I groaned, as I turned around and replied, “No, I didn’t.” Her late response was, “Then we need to go get it!”
So I got on my bike, and trailed back home. We made it home, and I eventually agreed to wear my helmet. So we had to set off again. I make it to where we had to stop and turn around, but I was going too fast. I didn’t let my mother catch up because we had to cross the road. I thought I could just go across the road without looking both ways, since I didn’t want to stop going fast. So, I recklessly rode across the street, when suddenly.... “Sabrina! SABRINA!” My mom shouted. I only heard her shouting the second time. I didn’t know why she was yelling but I did when I turned to my right. To my surprise, there was a car. I didn’t know what to do. The car wasn’t moving anywhere, but I still pedaled fast toward to other side of the road. I thought it kept moving, so I shook in fear while crossing the road. It felt like a blur as I just tried to reach the sidewalk, which seemed to get a little farther every second. I didn’t know what to expect but death, because I thought it would be like a punishment for not looking before crossing the road.... And after what felt like a sudden fast-forward, I made it too the other side of the road, and turned back to see my mother. The car went a little slow, and I thought it was because of the fact it almost hit me. My mother made it across the road. She seemed disappointed and somewhat shocked. I thought it was kinda cool, but still a little traumatizing. When it was over it felt so fast, but the process felt so slow....
“Next time, look at the road before you cross it!” My mother complained. “You almost got hit by a car!” I shrugged, not knowing what to use as an excuse. There was a moment of silence, then I said, “I’m going to tell dad!” before I start biking off again, a little too slow to dodge my mother’s sigh.

The author's comments:

This was the first time I felt something like a near-death experience, and it inspired me to write the story. 

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