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October 26, 2017
By DominicMM BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
DominicMM BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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My name is Timothy Smith, at the time this story took place I was 15, I live in Saginaw, Michigan. I was one of the 428,000 kids in the foster care system that is in the U.S. My father died when I was young in a car accident my mother fled and I was put into foster care. For 10 years I was in the foster care system then another 3 after that. This is my story of my experience in the foster care system and meeting my mother.
I’ll begin from the date March 19th it was your average monday until I got pulled out of one of my classes it was my mom, after 13 plus years of being in a poor orphanage barely getting by. We had talked she had come to get me her son. That she had been in rehab and jail but he has spent time to get financially stable and now owns a small home. Everything was great for the next two weeks. She told me she was a Meth dealer she cooked meth in our basement it was a good way of making money my father worked a day job, to make it look like she was the stay at home mom and he was the breadwinner. We were driving to the market which was a few miles away and my father decided to take a little bit of the meth that was in the glove box he later crashed with the main impact being right where he was sitting apparently it was at 100 miles per hour she was shaken but barely able to walk she took off leaving me as a baby in the back. She knew if they looked into where they got the drugs she would be arrested. I was put into foster care she was arrested but was let out early due to good behavior.
So after getting to my new home we went cloth shopping and had fun. It was hard relating to my mother after never knowing her but I figured I could make do. It had been about 13 days until it all went downhill my mom had a drug relapse. Before I knew it she became an abusive mother who would not stop until it wore off. I thought my life was going uphill and it was getting better until it would just bottom out and stay at that level for a while but this bettering life only went downhill i could tell I was gonna soon be put back into foster care. I recall the conversation with my foster mom.
“Looks like things are looking up for you Timmy. Remember everything happens for a reason.”
“I guess so,” as I hugged her, “I will miss you.”
“I will miss you too, Timothy. Now go with your mom.”
From then on I thought l all of this was good fortune. But I realized how much I missed what I had before. My mom would go on sprees of destruction eventually I figured my teacher that all the bruises weren’t from school but from home. After an investigation I was quickly taken away from my parent and sent back into an orphanage it was the same one I was from before so nothing much changed other than being made fun of for being a bad kid from the other kids. I remember one conversation in specific.
“So why you back your mother remember how worthless you were?” John told me we were once friends it seems it took me leaving the wrong way, “Come On you gonna say something?” he continued as he pushed my head.
“My mom went back to doing drugs she loves me just is ill!!” I shouted in a revolt as I pushed him.
“Maybe she went back to it because she needed something to make you seem like something.” it started a small brawl which got me in trouble and started a moving from orphanage to orphanage. It didn’t help that I was old and nobody wanted an old kid they wanted the cute 5 year old or the baby who was there instead, I was sent into the world knowing the hell side no where near the nice pleasant side it sometimes is.

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