The government gets punked

October 6, 2017
By Naruni BRONZE, See Above, Michigan
Naruni BRONZE, See Above, Michigan
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One ordinary day, the legislative branch recieves a cleverly written bill. It is 2118, several months after the adolescents rights act, and 20 years after the government banned tobacco. Now, they recieve another bill. But this one isn't dumped in the trash like most of them are. It reads,


       Dear lawmakers, 

                               I have written this bill to address a problem with our society, particularly, our economy. Propaganda. Every year, propaganda saps millions of dollars from the pockets of companies and viewers alike. Please ban it.



Although not cleverly written, the bill started getting somewhere when the senate voted on it. Then, it went to the hard part. The president. Like most politicians, he was careless and didn't know what he was doing, so he signed it without even reading it. The result was incredible. But first, let's get some things straight. By banning propaganda, we've just banned commercials and ads. As well as any program that might send a message.


Things were great at first. With no more commercials, tv programs could run without annoying breaks that nobody listens to anyway. With no more bulletin boards, drivers were slightly less distracted. With no pop-up ads, computer viruses almost became a thing of the past.


Then, the whole market crashed. Without a way to advertise, they could never make money. New buisnesses tried and failed, and all we could do is get fat on mcdonald's because we didn't know about anywhere else to eat. 


So, the ammendment was torn apart, and things slowly but sureley went back to normal. And spud sat on his deathbed laughing, "Ha! I punked the government! And to such magnitude! I had an awesome life."


The end.


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I just had to.

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