Dead Boyfriends Don't Write Diarys

March 29, 2009
By t0b3th30nly1 BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
t0b3th30nly1 BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
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(Jessy enters the study and sits in the chair connected to the wood desk . She looks at the name tag Thomas J. Benjamin)

:(thinks) Its been a year now since Tom's death (pause) and yet, I can feel him near me.

(she goes through Tom's old work desk, and finds a journal hidden and wrapped in twine)

:What's this...?

(fingers linger over the twine that wraps this secret journal; she pulls it carefully wondering what Tom wrote; she reads)

Tom/ Jessy
:February 20, 1990
Today, Jasmine my dear love is now here in my collection. She actually thought she could get away from me, she believed that we can't be together. Yet I expect she knows the answer to that now. My collection of lovers, has just gained another.

(she quivered at the thought of her being one of the few in Toms collection, flipping a few pages next)

:March 25 1993
This time she won't get away! I swear she will be mine!
That damned Rebecca...
(now tensely shaking, she turns the page to read on)
she may have ran and hid. Yet to her wondering if we'll meet again I'll make sure we do.
My lost figure for my collection will be found.


:Oh my god I could have been...(in shock)
(thinks) Am I in here?

(flipping furiously through the pages, looking)

:Rachel... Jeniffer...and Jeanie. Thats all of them,(pause) maybe, just maybe Jeanie was the girl I saw. When he...(whispers) killed her
(flips to the last entry, and sees the date...)

:January 30,1996...

:Today's the best day! Where my old love Jeanie, becomes my doll. All my collection needs is, my dear Jessy. The deepest of all my loves, the only one of my dolls who shall have her own box. In there I can admire her forever. Her dark, stunning, beauty, will be mine to forever cherish. No one else...
(sick and disgusted Jessy gets up and throws the book into the fire)

(Jessy rubs her arms as if the room got colder)

:THAT SICK B******! He thought I'd just SIT THERE and let him kill me! So I could be apart of his... (shivers) his damn collection!

(with one last look around, Jessy takes slow steps out the door and locks it behind her. She goes outside)

:Do it.

Mr. Smith
:Are you sure you want this?

:(a glare in her eyes) Do it.

Mr. Smith
:(shrugs) If thats what you want Ms. uh...

:Its Benjamin and yes please demolish this (pause) house.

Mr. Smith
: Alright. (yells) Come on boys lets taker down!

(the bulldozer moves in inch by inch, when its close enough it swings the ball into this monster house, and soon there is nothing there. Only Jessy.)

:All you did to those girls... (pause)
what you were going to do to me... (pause)
Yet in the end, I still love you...

(she walks down the road with her head hung low and wishing to have never met Thomas J. Benjamin)

The author's comments:
Heyy Everybody!! Whats up? =) I hope you all like my work and i hope to read yours as well ^_^

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