Christmas with the Fitzgeralds

October 6, 2017
By Melaninpoppin13 BRONZE, Petersburg, Virginia
Melaninpoppin13 BRONZE, Petersburg, Virginia
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    Chapter One: Parker’s Present

The holidays are the time of year when people go walking about spreading cheer. It is the time of year when adults and children alike are celebrating togetherness during such a lovely setting. Around the world Thanksgiving and Christmas are being celebrated, but in this story we will be focusing in on the Fitzgerald family household.  Two days before christmas and all through the house, the Fitzgeralds are stirring even their pet mouse.

This is one of the best kinds of Christmas there is snow on the ground with more falling the trees are bare and there is always somebody to talk to in the house no matter where you are. There hasn’t been much snow in the past 3 or four years so everyone is excited and ready to play in the white wonderland. Lets see what the second youngest grandchild Kendyll is doing along with her mother. They are wrapping gifts for the young to the old hoping and praying that nobody has told, the gifts that the boxes may hold.

“Mommy can you pass me the tape?” Kendyll yelled. “It’s beside the present right there,” Kendyll said pointing to the box closest to her mother.

“Here,” answered Shawn. “ I think there’s only one more left, would you like to wrap it?”

“Sure. I’d love to,” Kendyll said with great delight. “Um…. Mommy, where is the last gift?”

“What are you talking about? It’s right…,” Shawn stopped in great disbelief, pointing to a bag, but there was no gift in sight,  just some makeup she bought from another store.

Together they started flipping the house upside down looking for the most important gift of all, the present for the youngest Fitzgerald, for it was only his first Christmas.

“Did you find it?,” asked Kendyll.

“No, and I’ve searched through all of the upstairs and even in the attic, but still no sign of Parker’s present,” answered Shawn.

“Oh, no, I haven’t found it either, are you sure there is no way you would have left it in the car?,” asked Kendyll

“No, there’s no way I could have left it in the car because I know for a fact we took everything inside, plus for all I know your sister may have hidden it.,” Shawn yelled back at her clearly irritated.

As Shawn stormed off to go re-scavenge the house, Kendyll went outside to check the car, when panic struck, she was locked in the car without her phone which she left on the couch near the presents, and there was no sign of baby Parker’s present.

“Oh,no. Oh, no. Oh,no, what am I supposed to do now?” Kendyll asked herself, in so much shock that she forgot about the button to unlock the car on both the passenger and driver side seats. “Help, help, can somebody her me?”
Luckily her cousin Zion was outside playing football with his friend Carter.

“What’s wrong, stuck in the car?” he grabbed the door handle quickly realizing the seriousness of the situation, making him forget about the lock on the doors too. “Oh, you really are stuck, i’ll go get…”

“No, don’t go get my Mom she’d get a big head if she found out I got stuck in her car just to try to prove her wrong when she was truly right,” said Kendyll.

“Ok, then I’ll just get my Mom and she can help us,” Zion said before swiftly running inside.

Back inside he ran to the kitchen where his mother was preparing the turkey and stuffing while listening to he favorite tunes.

“I remember those days when I was broken” Gina sang, not even realizing her son had walked into the room. Zion walked up to her and tapped her shoulder, making her jump and accidentally drop the seasoning she was using all over the floor. “You’re cleaning that up,” she said. “Don’t scare me like that now what do you want?,” Gina said asking her youngest son.

“Kendyll’s stuck in the car and she can’t get out,” Zion said still panting from the dash he made to the kitchen. “I don’t think the heat is on and Carter can’t comfort her for that long because you know how anxious she gets.”

“What side of the car is she on?,” Gina said already knowing how to relieve the situation.

“The passenger side, why?” Zion said still not realizing his obvious mistake.

Gina almost instantly broke out into loud laughter filling the whole house, soon making her burst into tears, while her son sat there looking so confused.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t breath,” she said in-between laughs.

“What, what’s so funny?” Zion asked.

“Did you never seem to think of the lock and unlock buttons on the sides of both the two front doors?,” she said trying not to have another outburst of laughter.

“Oh wow, I am so dumb how did I not think of that?” he said beginning to laugh at his error.

He ran back out of the house only to run into Carter who is here with bad news.

“She won’t stop crying, she thinks she is going to be stuck in there forever, but I calmed her down and she stopped crying.” Carter said looking grateful to see his friend. Zion got back to the car only to see his cousin clawing at the windows like she was Tris from Divergent.

“Kendyll click the unlock button near the button to move the windows,” Zion said trying not to laugh in his cousins face.

After getting out of the car, Kendyll, Carter, and Zion played in the snow for an hour or so until they thought their feet would freeze off.

When Kendyll got back into the house she was off to find her mother, but she seemed to have vanished. Once she found her she came to the realization that her mother had been crying.

“Oh gosh, what’s wrong?,” said Kendyll with worry in her tone.

“I still couldn’t find the present,” she said sobbing. “ I mean what are we going to do?”

“ I was thinking about that too,” Kendyll said understanding her question. “We could call the Toys R US we got the toy from.”

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” said Shawn. “I’ll call right no.w”

Kendyll’s mother left the room to go talk to the manager at the toy store while she went to go check on her baby cousin Parker. Before she had gotten to his room she saw him just waking up, she walked in to hear him in his crib talking in baby gibberish. He looked up his Cousin smiling, letting Kendyll know of his full diaper.

“Do you have a stinky one for me, you have a stinky butt don’t you?,” she said to him while carrying him to the changing mat. She was correct he in fact did stinky. “I swear you only poop when you know I’m going to change you, but I still love you,”

Her mother knocked before entering to tell Kendyll and Parker some good news from the phone.

“Oh my goodness Kendyll, guess what I did?” she said before answering to her daughters confused face. “ I left the bag with his present in the cart not realizing because it was on the bottom.”

“Thank goodness nobody took it,” Kendyll said breathing a sigh of relief.

“I said the same thing, now isn't that just the work of God in our lives. A person had full opportunity to take that present, but instead decided to do the better thing,” Shawn said shaking her head in shock. “They said that I can come get the bag tomorrow morning and they also said they would even wrap it for me.”

“Thank the Lord,” said Kendyll while smiling at baby Parker now clean in her arms. “The things we go through for those we love.”

The rest of the day the grandchildren played outside, the adults had some laughs and into the night there was nothing, but peace.

The author's comments:

This is ONLY Chapter One.

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