Best Buddies

October 6, 2017
By Anonymous

        On a sunny morning, I jump out of bed and rush to get ready, eat breakfast and catch the bus on time. I forgot to do my homework today, so I will get a zero in Mr.carfs class. I'm really excited for art class today because we get to sign up for the painting contest. I have been painting since I was 5 years old, so that is my hobby and passion. I'm currently at lunch and we get breakfast for lunch today!

     I can’t wait to see Carl today because he’s gonna be so glad we have a painting contest. He missed art class 2 days in a row so mrs.kasie isn’t gonna be happy with him. We have 2 weeks until the painting contest is due and we have to present them in front of the judges. I'm extremely frightened to present it in front of judges because I have never signed up for a painting contest before. I have been painting since I was little but I haven’t actually been in a painting contest before.   

        It's been 1 week and 5 days so that means that I have 2 more days until my painting is due. I am very behind because I had homework in like all of my classes and it was very annoying. Today I just got all of my painting colors and supplies. I told carl about the project last week and I've talked to him and he’s done.

     Today is the big day, I stayed up until 1 last night trying to finish and I did. I'm so proud of myself!! I'm currently at the contest and it's 5 minutes until they announce the winner. It's time for us to announce the winner. The winner is Jessica Aburbs!! Yes I won I won I won! “Im so
proud of my best friend” said carl and ever since then they have been painting pictures together.

The author's comments:

I like to paint different art pieces.

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