Stage Fright

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I had been practicing all day in my room but still didn’t think it was good enough. I didn’t even remember finishing my homework. I had imagined myself going on to the bright stage many times, but I had never imaged I would do it in real life. I didn’t like being in the spotlight, I would feel like everyone was silently judging me. Now, I was just sitting in my room, still stressed about the thought of going on stage to perform. Looking at my piano, I could feel my hands starting to shake. I was conflicted, deciding whether I should even be doing this performance at all. I started walking through the dark hallway towards my parent's room to ask if I could skip this performance. My hands were slowly pushing the door open, my eyes almost in tears. I was ready to give up and drop. I was ready to stop and never think about going on stage ever again. I panicked and turned around running back to my room. I took a deep breath and sat on my chair. While I was practicing on my piano, I heard my sister walk into the room. We shared the room so it wasn't weird for her to come in. Of course, she came in with her earbuds listening to music. I was hoping she wouldn't notice how nervous I was because I didn't want to look weak, even though she was older than me. Being my sister, she noticed and took off her earbuds to ask me if I was okay. I said yes. Now my sister knew I was really scared and she sat down next to me. I was ready for her to give a pep talk, but instead, she told me to practice. I was a bit confused, but I did what she told me. This time when I was practicing it wasn't that hard, I was still really nervous. With my sister sitting next to me it actually relaxed. When my sister thought I had calmed down, she left to listen to music like nothing happened. Slowly looking down, I saw my piano. An hour of practicing and memorizing every single note I was finally ready. I hoped. It was a perfect time because my mom called me down to see something. I didn’t really think about it, so I got up and walked downstairs. As soon as I saw why she wanted me to go downstairs. I looked at my mom sitting on her chair with a box in her hands. Her mouth was open wide almost like she was trying to smile. I felt like that smile was actually helping me get some confidence because of how happy my mom was. I saw her hands slowly opening the box. It was a bright pink dress, my heart stopped.

Later that day, I was sitting the car, sweating, and the more I try to remember all the notes the more I forgot them. I was doing what anyone about to perform would do, go crazy. To be honest the pink dress wasn’t that bad. The longer I wore it the more I got used to it. I walked up the stage, panicking. At the end I did an amazing performance.

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