When the Finger Goes Up

October 23, 2017
By GeorgeGino BRONZE, Cupertino, California
GeorgeGino BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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The time had finally come for me, for I was about to play my first game of hardball cricket. I had been taking lessons and learning how to defend hit the ball. The warm-ups began, we ran, stretched met new people. I was really nervous for this was the first time I had done something like this. because t. As the teams were formed,  I didn’t know who was good from who was okay but I thought it was a good team.. As I was watching the field because we started to bat first I saw my teammates shouting “Yeah come on, hit that ball”. I saw they were cheering for them so I knew that I could do something like that. I started cheering for my teammates. As it was about to be my turn to bat I had to pad up. All the pads were heavy and I knew it was going to be hard to run in this but I you I could try.
Finally, it was my turn to bat. As I walked to the pitch of the ground I knew I got this. The bowler was getting ready to bowl the ball, his feet were rushing it was like time had slowed down and then he bowled the ball. Instead of me hitting it it went straight past me and into the wicket-keeper's hands. With a sigh of relief and got back on my stance. The bowler  runs as fast as he can and my heart was beating so fast, then I looked straight looking for the ball but instead of hearing the ball rolling away from the fielders I hear a spring sound. Oh no but that would mean, I looked and the umpire but then I see his finger raised with his index finger up, I got out. I was  depressed trying to hide my tears as I walked away from the pitch and in my mind I thought “I can’t play cricket” I didn’t wait as I unpadded myself And stayed in the car while the game was over. After the match we lost. I was so depressed I didn’t shake hands with anybody from the other team. From this I didn’t want to play cricket again. I was thinking in my mind “I shouldn’t play cricket”.  I thought that I was bad player. But I tried not to give up. I learned from that day to not give up and your dreams will eventually come true.

The author's comments:

The is a true life incident that happened to me. It taguht me to never give up

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