Getting Lost at Disneyland

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

The world is a scary place. That is why we all have friends or people who care for us. Hopefully. What happens when you lose those loved ones? Disaster, uncertainty, and sorrow. This is why getting lost has a big impact on your life. You have emotions so strong that it just sticks with you for the rest of your life. You may not know when or where, but the feelings and emotions will never go away. This happens to me many times in the supermarket, but I know I will find my mom. She never leaves without me, but in a theme park, it is much harder to find your parents than a supermarket.
It was just a normal day. I had just finished 4th grade. We got to Disneyland and parked in one of the parking lots.
My mom was like, “You must remember this aisle number so we don’t get lost!”
I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “What is your phone for, playing Candy Crush?” My mom was nice, but she hated when something bad happens to them like me not finishing my work. My dad was the chill one in our family. He only detonates when something really serious happens. My brother was hyper and annoying.
He always yells, “HEY! Look at that! It’s a PARKING LOT SIGN!”  You can tell I had a harsh time in the car trip to LA. I have superstitions that something shouldn’t happen without a counterpart of something bad. That’s why my brain was haunted by dreams and ideas that this day wouldn’t go that well. My mom never worries. She thinks she’s always perfect. My family walked to the shuttle out of the parking lot. We speeded across all the parking lots. The air rushed us like we were falling out of the sky. I liked this feeling as it cooled me down. Suddenly, we lurched forward. Saved by the seatbelts, we got off the shuttle. A few minutes later, we arrived at security. They took our bags, checked and gave it back to us after we walked through the metal detector.
My brother was like, “YAY WE’RE IN DISNEYLAND.” My mom ignored and my dad and I were annoyed.
My mom held out the tickets like a total perfectionist and the puncher went, “SNAP.”
“Now we’re in Disneyland.”
“Actually we’re in the California park thing”, I replied annoyingly.
“I DON’T REALLY CARE”, yelled my brother. My brother started running like a crazy person. We all had to chase after him. I started to read the map super closely while chasing after my hyper brother.
My mom announced, “We will go to the Cars area.” We couldn’t argue with her, so we coasted there. We started lining up for a ride where you ride a Car through different places. Suddenly my mom announced, “I am going to look for the flight simulator.” I gave her the wrong directions and off she went. I needed to chase after her, trying to fix my mistake. After a few minutes, I started sprinting after her. My dad tried to warn me, but I couldn’t hear him. Instantly, I was surrounded by strangers. I couldn’t see my family anywhere. I was lost.
I went back to find my dad and brother, but they were farther ahead in the line. Instead of staying, I left to find my mom where I told her the flight simulator was. She was nowhere to be found. A chilling surge through me. I walked around the park, passing all the rides. Images flashed through my mind. What if I don’t find my parents? What will I do for the rest of my life? I was depressed. I looked at all the rides without any interest. For every step, a tear formed. A few moments later I was full of sorrow and I started rethinking about my life. What I’ll do? What I’ll eat? I looked down, trying to not show my somber. I started slouching, all hopes lost.
“I will never find my family”, I thought to myself. I tried to cheer up. “Whenever something really bad happens to you”, I thought, “There is always something good at the end.” After 5 circles around the park, I was walking past the Cars area when I heard a distinct voice.
“AAANNNDDDRRREEEWWW!” My mom rushed towards me, throwing her hands out. I cheered up and I gave her a hug. I wiped my tears. I was so thrilled. “We were so worried that we were about to report a missing child!”, my mom said. We had a great time after the incident. We went on the cars ride many times and we rode the hotel ride where you are stuck on a broken elevator. I felt like my stomach was going to come out of my mouth. Our friends Justin and Jasmine arrived when I was lost. Justin was like my brother. Same age, energy level, and annoyingness. Jasmine was relaxed. We met at the lake. A large Mickey Mouse sign was visible. We enjoyed our day at Disneyland. It was dark when we got back to the hotel. We showered and started sleeping on our beds.
When I think about this event, I feel all the emotions I felt in that event. All the sadness and remorse came back. I also feel really stupid. Why did I not stay in the cars area? Getting lost in a theme park has a big impact on your life. I might never forget the feeling of getting lost.

The author's comments:

This is about a trip to Disneyland that did not go as planned

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