One Push, One Fractured Finger

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I roll onto the grass and I feel the cushion of it supporting the weight of my body, staring at the blue sky filled with clouds above me which covered the bright rays of the sun. I turn on my phone and start playing some music, just drowning in the sounds coming through my headphones. I close my eyes focusing on the lyrics of the song and my eyes closed for about 5 minutes which felt like a second, but I alarmingly open my eyes as soon as I realize I fell asleep. I looked at the time, it was already 2:25 p.m., I had been late to leave. I tuck my legs in to get up and all of a sudden I feel a forceful shove on my back and my body makes contact with the grass again. I tightly close my eyes and grab my right hand to try and bear the pain. As soon as I was able to, I stood up still squeezing my hand tightly. I see a girl with dark brown hair, medium length, black pants, a dark purple shirt with light brown/pink splotches seeming to be bleach stains in her shirt about 30 yards across the grass field from me sprinting away. I stood there feeling paralyzed from shock from what just happened in which felt like an instant. I snapped back into reality and I immediately went to go find my mom, I knew she had to be somewhere around here. At the time I wasn’t even trying to look for the girl that had injured me because I was just terrified that something happened to my hand that needed to get fixed. I find my mom and I see her eyes squint and instantly focus on my hand.
       She runs up to me and grabs my hand gently, “Oh my goodness, what happened to you?” I see my pinky finger and it’s two times the size as it’s supposed to be and had turned dark purple, cool-toned dark blue, and a warm pink. My eyes start to water from how it looked which just increased the pain.
       “Some girl who I didn’t even know pushed me, when I fell I landed on my pinky and I think it weirdly bent from all the pressure that went on it.” I respond. I feel a tear run down my face.
       “Aw, you’ll be okay just know that and let’s get you to a hospital to see if you’re seriously hurt.” my mom says warmingly smiling while I feel her hand brush against my face.

       I walk through the automatic glass doors of urgent care, I look around me and people around me coughing underneath their masks.
       “Hi, how may I help you today?” asks a nurse standing behind the white counter.
       “Hi, I am here to get my daughter, Kelcey’s hand checked out for any injuries.” my mom replies with a friendly smile.
       “Okay, I’m glad we will be able to assist you today and on a scale of one to ten how bad does your hand hurt?” The nurse looks straight towards me and quickly glances down at my hand wrapped in ice and a towel.
       “Uhh, it hurts around like a five.” I say pressing the ice closer to my hand thinking it would help the pain.
       “Oh no, I will try to get you assisted as soon as possible” while giving me the most assuring smile. 
       We sit down in the waiting room. My leg started to start tap repeatedly on the hospital floor just waiting in anticipation for the doctor to call my name. I stare at the clock, watching the time pass which felt like an eternity. I look at the doctors coming in and out of various doors hoping one of them would call my name.
       “Kelcey?” a male doctor, tall and slim with medium complexion, calls out and looks around the room.
       I stand up making eye contact with the doctor. He gives me a welcoming smile while I head towards the door and he takes me into a room that was only lit up by the lights from the medical tools.
       “ Hi, you’re Kelcey correct and you are here to have an x-ray of your finger.” he says while looking up and down from his clipboard.
       “Yeah.” I respond still holding the ice pack around my hand. He starts to take more information on my finger and my basic information.
        “So what we’re going to do today is, take an x-ray of your finger to determine if it’s just sprained, fractured or broken and you’ll get the result about half an hour after.” he explains to me.
        I had to unwrap the ice from my hand for him to inspect it and it was even worse than before. I started to slightly panic and my body starting to shake. He takes my hand, lightly holding onto it and elevates it on a silicone rectangular prism that had finger indents.
       “Just hold still and I’m going to press a button which is going to activate the x-ray machine.” he told me.
       I sit there as still as I could because I didn’t want to possibly ruin the x-rays.
       “Thank you very much. You can wrap your hand in ice again if you want to.” he tells me while handing me my towel and ice. I wrap my hand back up and head out the door that I came in from. I sit back down next to my mom in the wait room.
       “How did it go?” she asks.
       “It was alright, nothing too special but it was kinda weird because he didn’t turn on the lights inside of the room.” I say, shrugging my shoulders. My mom and I sit there waiting for someone to give the results back to us. I was slightly annoyed because I was in mild pain and they were taking so long to give the results back. Finally the doctor that had helped me in the x-ray room came out again.
       “Okay, so I don’t want you guys to be alarmed but from what the x-rays say, your daughter has got a fractured finger. It was caused from all the pressure that had landed on it when she had fell and the bone got cracked but not fully.”
      All I remember doing was just staring at the doctor with my eyes widened and almost full with tears but I knew I was going to be fine in the end. It eventually healed nicely with the help of a finger splint.

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