The Broken Leg

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Someone shot a three-pointer and it missed, we are winning by 2 points and lunch was almost over. I jumped up to get the ball and then feel a shove from the other players. A jolt of pain went through my leg when I touched the ground. I felt a crack in my leg, yelling out in pain. The others didn't know what happened, but I knew for sure that I broke something. The others ran to get a teacher to tell my parents what happened.

    Fifth grade was fun, we all would play knockout and basketball. That day when we decided to play basketball, I ran to get the ball and pass it back to the other side. While doing this I jumped to reach the ball first, so did all the other. Everyone jumping for the ball pushed me mid-air and I fell at a weird and painful angle. My mom rushed into the school and brought me in the car. You can see the pale worried look on her face.
“Are you alright, do you need anything.” She asked
In the car ride, she kept asking how I was. You can't blame her, she was very worried about how my leg was.
“How did it happen,” she asked,
“It was in basketball, I jumped to get the ball and landed badly.”

    We reached the hospital, I was in lots of pain, we had to wait a while because it was very busy. They brought me to a room to check how bad it was, they did some test to see how much pain I was in and then they told me I would need an x-ray. The x-ray was quicker than I thought, and now we wait for the results. butterflies in my stomach thought racing through my mind, what would the doctor say, how bad was it, how long would I need a cast. He showed us the x-rays and explained how bad my injury was. He said, “You're going to need a knee-high cast for the next two months.”

    My cast was all the way up to my knee, everyday task were very difficult to do. Walking was very hard, first things about walking is that getting used to using crutches took a while. Getting out of a sitting position was probably the hardest thing about the crutches. The second thing is that crutches are the smallest things in the world. Fitting them in the car was annoying and hard.

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