Jelly Beans

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Huddled in the corner of my classroom, my five classmates talked about how horrible school is. As I was sitting on the floor, the wind from the open window kept blowing my brownish black hair. I stared at the window, the basic window with its rusted window sill and its bent window blinds, just sitting there not bothering to close it. At last, I couldn’t stand the cold. I walked across the small but neat classroom for my jacket. My classroom was very basic, just a few bookshelves and desks, but it seemed dreadful and dark.

“I’ll be giving out jelly beans in 2 minutes!” my teacher said, happily. I looked up from my backpack and glanced at my classmates. Exchanging looks that read, I’m getting the most jellybeans. I was six at this time, and all I wanted were those jelly beans. I watched the clock as it made its usual, tick tock tick tock, sound, seeming like it’s taking forever to make its round.
While I was standing next to my backpack, waiting for the teacher to pass around the candy, I got the urge to pee. I wanted the jelly beans so bad that I decided I would hold the pee. As you may have already knew, when you are six, holding in your pee isn’t that easy. 
“How much longer will we have to wait?” I whined to my friend.
“Yeah. Why do we have to wait this long. I just want jelly beans,” my friend agreed. Our teacher finally got out the jelly beans and everyone started to cheer.
My teacher being really slow, walked around passing the jelly beans to each person. I was the third in line, but I couldn’t take it anymore. “GO FASTER!’ I yelled.
“Since you are being so disrespectful, go to the end of the line,” he said, calmly. His calmness made me want to punch him.
FInally, after what seemed like forever, he gave me the jelly beans. Looking at my palm, I counted the number of jelly beans I had.
I was barely into eating my second one when, I noticed that if I don’t go to the bathroom now, I would just pee right there in the middle of class.
“Here, take all my jelly beans,” I said to the other students.
I scrambled out of the room. The girls bathroom was in another room with a whole bunch of people in a different class.
As I was making my way over to the bathroom, I could feel that I was peeing, just right there in the middle of the hallway.
I was frozen in my spot surrounded by a puddle of pee. I couldn’t move from my spot. I couldn’t believe what I had just done.
My friend came out a little later to wash her hands and she saw what had happened, but she didn’t say anything to me about it, just shrugged and pointed to the guys bathroom, which was really close.                                           
Debating over the ideas of what to do, I settled on telling the teacher, it seemed the most logical answer. I walked inch by inch to the classroom. The carpet on the classroom floor was stained by my wet socks.
I looked around the room. Everyone was so happy about the jelly beans and nobody knew. I finally got the confidence to walk over to my teacher and tell him what happened.
“I just peed my pants,” I said softly.
“Oh. Where?”
“In the hallway,”
“It’s okay, it happens to everyone,”
When I went back to the doorway leading to the hallway I peed on, I could see the pee just sitting there. News had already gone around. Everyone was at their doorways peering out and looking at the puddle, laughing. I could feel my cheeks burning up. The embarrassment was unbearable. All I wanted to do was hide myself, run away from all of this. “Come here, I’ll help you change out of your pants,” another, older teacher said, a grin on her face.
As she led me into the boy’s bathroom, she brought a brown pair of pants with her. The brown pants looked disgusting and I didn’t want to wear them. The whole time, the teacher was just smiling like what happened was the funniest thing in the world. I wanted to scream at that moment and smack that grin off of her face.
Later, as we were being let out for break time, I noticed that everyone was staring at me. People already knew what had happened even though it only just occurred five minutes ago.
Every single day after, I went to the bathroom before class started and after it ended. The whole experience was helpful to me. I learned that maybe holding in your pee to get things that aren’t needed, isn’t the best idea.

The author's comments:

I hope that people will see that maybe holding in your pee for something stupid like a jelly bean, isn't something that could benefit you in the future.  This actually goes for many things too, not just holding in your pee. For example, don't try to hold your breath longer than someone else just to win a competition. 

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