Flowers are the Worst Gifts to Give

November 2, 2017
By MahamKhan BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
MahamKhan BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
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There are a lot of things I hate, Math, English, Fake news, Flowers, and the lady at Subway putting tomatoes on my sandwich when I CLEARLY said, “No tomatoes please.” I just genuinely hate tomatoes.
Wait, let me guess, you are probably thinking, why do you hate flowers? Well, let me be honest with you. They are dreadful. They die on you so quickly. You buy a 20-dollar vase and set them in it. Sure they add color to the room and everything smells great. But one week later you check on those flowers and guess what.

THEY ARE DEAD! THE SAME FLOWERS YOU GOT LAST TUESDAY ARE DEAD! You get a bunch of dead rose petals and shriveled up leave on the floor. Nobody else is going to pick up the mess.

I guess I never really had positive experiences with them. When I was 5, my grandmother died. Everyone we knew were giving my mother flowers, specifically Lilies. I never understood the concept of flower giving. Like hey I really like you, here’s a bouquet of these overly priced flowers that I know are going to die in about 5 days. Or, I’m really sorry for your loss, here are some Lilies. They are going to die just like your loved ones. It makes me very, very confused.

When my sister got married, I bought her a bouquet of these beautiful purple flowers to fit with her theme. I added a little card to it and gave it to her. She was so happy. She puts it aside on a table and leaves it there. Half an hour later, I see a bunch of little kids running around the hall breaking the stems in half and throwing them at people. Of course, their parents weren’t saying anything. I was devastated. I stormed at of the venue. I was in tears, I put my heart and soul into everything but they end up breaking in the end.

Flowers and I don’t get along. I’ve always hated spring. Of course, that season is the return of the bees. Or dare I say, misquote. I am a winter baby so I’m used to seeing snow cover everything and not have to deal with dandelions destroying people’s front lawns. I hate the idea of spring and “April flowers bring May’s showers” or whatever that meaning is.

Here’s a good story. During the beginning of spring, I planted a bunch of roses. Once they started it to bloom, I only picked the prettiest ones. I cleaned them
and wrapped it into something that I can present it in. I gave it to this guy that I really liked. I knew him my whole entire life. So I’m risking a lot going up to him. Once I got the courage to hand him the flowers, not only did he reject me. Honey, he rejected me by taking the flowers and throwing them into the trash, then proceeded to laugh about how corny the idea is. He does make a point about how flowers are possibly one of the worst gifts to give.

Flowers have many meanings. For many, roses symbolize love, Lilies for death, and Daises for innocence. Many people see flowers as a source of beauty during a time of pain and darkness. For me, they mean the same thing. SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN. I wish I could find a way to love flowers but every time I see a flower, I begin to panic. I guess we give flowers to people who are dead than to those who are living because we show more regret then gratitude in these situations. But still, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will change my view on flowers.

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