Finding Myself Through Soccer

October 31, 2017

    Soccer is everything to me.
I remember begging my dad to sign me up for town soccer. I was jumping up and down with joy when one day he came home from work and said that I was going to play for the Northborough team. My mind was filled with jumbled, hopeful thoughts of becoming something I have wanted for so long finally becoming a reality. The excitement was pulsing through me, and the sense of having what I finally pleaded for was riding upon my feet. I started to practice with my brother and dad. My cleats would hit the rugged field and specks of vibrant green grass would fly up in the air as the ball flew from my feet into the far away net. Heavy breaths of determination hung over me and the sensation of everyone wanting to win fluttered around the cool, crisp air. Winning, a key aspect that is bolted through the minds of each player and the aspect of striving to be the best came into many forms. A sense of excitement and happiness was dancing around me. My dad always challenged me to be the best player and version of myself when on and off the field. I was content and utterly satisfied with life and what it had given me. Whenever my feet touched a soccer ball, a smile would appear on my face, and I felt as if nothing could stop me.
The best parts of my life revolved around this sport. It taught me many lessons that could help me progress through the rocky road of life. As I would kick the black and white checkered ball on the rugged green field sweat rolled intensely down my bright red face I glance up and saw a quick snapshot of my dad cheering proudly on the sideline. My dad would always tell me the importance of being fair when playing and more importantly winning. With this statement always in my mind, it taught me that in order to stay happy you have to play fairly and by the rules. It is crazy to think how a ball and a net have impacted my outlook on life. From the time I have spent playing soccer, it has allowed me to become fairer and take more pride in doing the right thing.

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