November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Samantha Harold grew up like any other kid - having a neighbor as a best friend.  A young boy named William lived across the street from her.  Samantha and William did everything together, whether it was healthy or not. Due to this unhealthy obsession with William, the two were always closely monitored by Samantha's mom, Cindy.   When Samantha was little she had a black cat with white spots.  One day she took her cat to her sand box in the backyard and tried stabbing the cat with the sand shovels.  When William told Cindy what she did Cindy didn't understand why she would have done something so cruel.  Samantha didn't come off a bit upset about the situation when her mom confronted her about it. Cindy knew there was something wrong.  Everyday since then Cindy became more and more concerned about Samantha's mental health. She took her to the doctor and Samantha was diagnosed with schizophrenia, for her it meant she was very violent towards anything or anyone who set her off in the slightest bit.  She thought these hallucinations she was having were telling her to act out. Their doctor suggested that she attends school to keep a routine.  Many years went past and Samantha's mental condition was only getting worse.  Cindy was becoming scared of the fact that Samantha was capable of doing something violent to her.

In middle school Samantha met a girl named Jessica.  Jessica, William, and Samantha became best friends with one another.  They had countless numbers of sleepovers and get togethers at Samantha's house.  Never once had they ever gotten into any sort of argument until eighth grade.  In eighth grade they were having a school formal and it was a girls ask guy dance.  Because the idea of boys and girls that age “liking” each other is still at an awkward stage Jessica and Samantha decided they would both ask William.  When William only said yes to  Jessica it made Samantha feel terrible.  She felt like she had the “right” to go with William because she had known him longer - been obsessed with him longer.  She felt that she had been wronged so this made her feel awful and angry with both Jessica and William.  Not only did they go to the dance together, but they began to leave Sammantha out of everything movies, amusement parks, and bike rides or etc. This only made Samantha feel more angry and upset.

On the first day of freshman year Samantha saw William and Jessica wandering the halls together.  She was livid.
“That should be me, he is mine. That should be us”, she said. 

Later on that day she began hearing rumors that William and Jessica were dating.  These rumors fueled Samantha's anger towards the both of them because she saw William as her possession instead of his own person.   The next day Samantha was so upset because she had heard enough of the rumors and finally believed them that she decided to put a note into Jessica's locker.  The note said, ‘I want William back, stop talking to him!!’.  After school that day Jessica went to her locker and found the note, she showed it to William and instantly knew who it was from.  Both of them were very scared as they knew Samantha was crazy.  The next day while Samantha was walking through the halls she looked into one of the classrooms and witnessed Jessica and William holding hands.  Without being able to control her anger she immediately went out into the parking lot and slashed all four tires on William’s truck.  She thought to herself ‘that’ll teach them.’  As William and Jessica became more terrified of what Samantha was going to do next, the more joy she found in this.  She planned her next move very carefully; she wanted to hurt both of them. The next day she texted them both in a group chat the message said, ‘Meet me at my house tonight after school if you don't come I will hunt you down and kill you’.  Shortly after school got out Jessica and William showed up at Samantha's door step.  They knocked on the door and Samantha answered to let them in.  She led them to her living room and ordered them to sit down; when they followed orders, it gave her a sense of power that she hadn’t felt before.  Right away she pulled out the knife tucked between cushion and the armrest of the chair. 

She told them, “I will not hurt you if you obey my orders in which I tell you.”

Jessica and William looked in a loss of words.  Samantha began to say something but was interrupted.

“What do you want from us?”, Jessica said.
This only made Samantha more angry.
She yelled, “Both of you stand up right now!”
They both stood up, she said,“Turn around and close your eyes.”

Fearing what she would do next, they did just as she said. Samantha took a step closer and raised her knife, then suddenly the door opened.  She tried to hide the knife but it was too late.  In came Cindy and at the top of her lungs, she screamed “Samantha Lee Harold what are you doing?”

Without saying anything Jessica and William ran out of the door, got into their car, and drove off quickly as possible.

One day later Samantha was placed in a mental institution 135 miles away from her hometown.

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