All I Wanted Was Cereal

October 26, 2017
By Cuttiepie143 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cuttiepie143 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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The hot boiling water splashed all over my back leaving me with a third-degree burn. Some how my back started to heal real fast when my mom started to pray over my back.

Chapter 1: All I Wanted Was Cereal

I was seven years old at the time waking up and the first thing on my mind that I wanted was a bowl of cereal. I walked in my mom room asking if I could make myself cereal and she told me she didn’t care and that I could. I went to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal but my step dad was in the way making boiled hot dogs with the water overflowing at the top of the pot. I thought it would be best for me to crawl under him so I could get the cereal and a bowl. As I crawled under him to get cereal was the same time he took the pot off the stove and the water that was overflowing and boiled splashed all over my back.

Chapter 2: In Pain

As a instant reaction I jumped and screamed on top of my lungs and ran towards my mom crying to her telling her it was my back. She kept trying to ask me what happen but I was in shock and crying my heart out because I was in so much pain. She took me to the bathroom and pulled my nightgown up and saw my back , instant tears came flowing down her face making a unimaginable face expression. She started to pray as I was shaking because I was cold and in pain , I kept looking at my back as she prayed thinking to myself I should have never crawled by the stove but more likely I should’ve paid more attention before I made that decision , blaming myself for being foolish. As I got deeper in my thoughts I hear my mom saying “ Oh my gosh this is unbelieveable , half of your back healed up” I looked and it was true and the pain that i felt started to fade away.

Chapter 3: Miracle

I was rushed to the hospital but was passed out the whole time and when I came back into, I woke up crying my heart out because the pain came back and all I could hear was my mom voice saying” it’s okay pooh pooh we’re almost there”. When we go there the nurses rushed me to the back and made me lay on my stomach and put a pulse oximeter on my finger. They looked at my back and looked at each other with the amazed expression there face. I heard one nurse say “ This is remarkable how could she be healing so fast with a third degree burn on her back. They wiped my back down and talked to me so my mind wouldn’t be on the nurses who were taking the dead skin off and applying cream. They gave me clay to play with as a distraction , as they applied the cream it felt thick but came off real smooth spreading across my whole back, they then began to wrap my back with the badges and put a clip on it so it could stay wrapped around me.

Chapter 4: Shocked.

I overheard the conversation with the nurse and she asked her” did you already apply something to her back for her to heal so fast ? It’s remarkable”, my mom simply replied with “ No, I just prayed as a instant reaction and half of her back healed instantly”. The called me the miracle child because of the progress of healing so fast was something they have never seen before. On the way home my mom bought me my favorite ice cream, vanilla and chocolate. She put it in a ice cream cone and kissed me on my forehead and asked if I wanted to sleep with her. I replied with saying yes and she told my step-dad that he had to sleep in the living room . Within that week my big sister came over to check on me to see if I was okay and my mom unwrapped me to let my sister see and I was already healed it was only a medium size mark on my back.

I went back to the hospital for a check up on my back and they gave me more gifts because they were still surprised that healed so fast. I currently now work at the hospital as a nutrition services associate so I can work myself up and be in the medical field .As I got older the mark shrunken and til this day it’s only a dot , you would have thought it was a birthmark. I’m seventeen now so this happened eleven years ago and the question I always ask myself is where are the nurses now.

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