A Big Fight

October 24, 2017
By S_Uranus BRONZE, Cupertino, California
S_Uranus BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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At a birthday party, I get into a fight with someone way bigger than me. After several arguments, he punched me and the rest is history.

Chapter 1: A Big Fight

     It was at my friend’s Birthday party, 3 years ago, the day I would fight the biggest 5th grader ever, in my opinion. It was a 98 degree day with no clouds at a park. There were many people that I didn’t know there, but I immediately became good friends with most of them. Everyone except for this one guy. His name was Dixon, but his friends called him Dick. He was a giant to me, with bulky arms and a pot belly.  He was easily 3 times heavier than me. When he saw me he said, “ Hey you’re at the wrong party, the midgets belong that way” as he gestured towards a dumpster. “We could use you as our football” he continued.
    “Look at those noodles!"said pointing to his arms.
     If I were you, I would stay away from me because you will get destroyed!”
        “Dream on!” I replied and ambled away furious.
    Later into the party, we all decided to play tackle football. I don’t know why I agreed to play. Maybe it was so that I could crush Dixon. When the game started, i realized how difficult it was to tackle. It took three guys, besides me to tackle DIxon. I caught the ball a couple times, which felt great. 
    After 30 minutes, the other team had the ball. They threw a high lofting pass to Dixon. He caught it but immediately hit the ground as I hit him at the knees. I dove from about 5 feet away and hit him with every ounce of me. When he hit the ground, it sounded as if a meteor hit Earth. I was yelling and jumping around in astonishment. The others were to. This got Dixon mad and he shoved me. I shoved back and then a “brawl” started.
  I couldn’t control myself. I landed several punches into this guy, but he seemed as he wasn’t fazed. He just kept fighting back. He didn’t have mercy on me and I didn’t have any on him. It felt like no one else was there, though there were many people in between us trying to break the fight up.  We were still at it, punching each other nonstop until one big punch. He hit me right in the mouth. I then realized that this should stop. I walked backwards dizzy and confused while the others shoved him away and made him stop. I sat for a minute, then came back to my senses. Dixon was crying! Did I win? I thought.
    When our parents came to pick us up, we had a long talk about the situation. We ended on good terms and enjoyed the rest of the party. My mom was good friends with a Dixon’s mom from then on. I started to respect Dixon and he did respect me. He said “ For a midget, you can hit harder than I thought. You're strong, my dude.”
    From this whole situation I learned to never mess with someone that big and that strong. I should’ve never called him names and never tried to fight him. I learned this lesson the hard way.

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