Building, and Its Voice

October 10, 2017
By LondonVongvilayphonh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
LondonVongvilayphonh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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KFC (workplace)

The outside walls has a rough texture
The indoor walls are paneled square designed
The entrance doors are glassed all around
The employee door entrance is wooden secured and all brown
The dining tables are very clean and wiped down
The floors are swept and mopped up
The menu has many decisions to choose from
The workers in the backroom are fast at packing the orders

The texture of the solid door
The texture of the floors
The touch of receipt/money
The touch of the food trays
The touch/texture of the chicken

The taste of the crispy chicken
The taste of the grilled chicken
The taste of the original chicken
The taste of mash and gravy
The taste of cold slaw
The taste of the chocolate chip cookie
The taste of all beverages

I can hear the dishwash machine running
I can hear the fryer frying the potato wedges and fries
I can hear the minute alarm on the microwave and oven
I can hear the workers yelling out orders to make
I can hear the customer’s orders and kids crying

The smell of chicken when you walk in
The smell of vegetables
The smell of fried and grilled chicken
The smell of sanitized floors, tables, and counters
The smell of beverages

The author's comments:

This building is actually my work place. This place building is a well done fast food area. Has good environment, has a good smell of the nature and non trashy place, this area has always been taking good care of.

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