Masked Mischief-Maker

October 22, 2017

The sighting of a mysterious masked mischief maker was reported on October 29th. The man was not only frightening to witnesses, but also a seeming threat due to other east coast occurrences.
The man was spotted near the school. Witnesses say that he had on a backpack, a gorilla mask, jeans, black sneakers, and a navy colored jacket that covered his shirt. The man was also caucasian. His long and dark brown hair could’ve either been his real hair or fake hair from his mask.
According to reports, two anonymous witnesses had overseen the man knock over a small metal pole that was already partially broken off from the ground on the trail near the antique shop on Broad Street. He then glanced back at the witnesses, not acknowledging them vocally. He then continued on the path, heading to an unknown location.
There are no further reports of his whereabouts or who he is.

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