My Sister

October 16, 2017
By KarMoon BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
KarMoon BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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It was an unusual Wednesday morning when I heard the sound of footprints coming down the hallway in my quiet house in the woods. The murmurs of someone's conversation could be heard outside my window. I had just woken up and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming still or not so I continued to lay in bed, yet the voices were still present. As i began to drift off into a deep sleep there was a sudden light tap on the window. I shot out of bed and threw the blankets off in one swift motion. Grabbing the baseball bat hidden behind my headboard, I was ready for whatever it was. Slowly walking to the window I was expecting the worst, but when I approached it there was no one there.              Pulling back the curtains, i smiled as i saw a tree branch swinging back and forth against my window. Looking up, i saw a little kid sitting in the tree. Viciously tapping on the window, i yelled at him to get down before he hurt himself and waved as i saw my older sister pulling bags out from her car. Hearing the front door unlock, i went into the kitchen.

      Going straight for the coffee pot and turning it on, I stared at nothing as the strong smell filled the air. I tried to think up ideas of what  i could cook for breakfast. Opening the fridge door, I carefully pulled out the box of eggs, only to drop them all as I heard a piercing screech. I stared at the eggs on the floor scared of seeing what had made the noise in front of me. Looking in the direction of the noise, i saw my little nephew crawling on the floor towards me, giggling loudly. I picked him up as i saw him crawling towards the mess on the floor and took him over to the couch. My sister sat her stuff down and wrapped me in a blanket, making me a cup of tea instead of giving me coffee. Telling me to take it easy, she got up and lit the fireplace to warm the house since it was frozen as antarctica outside. Soon the house seemed like someone actually lived in it and it became to feel lively as the smell of delicious breakfast filled the home. The children ran around and i played with them, keeping them away from their mom so that she could cook. Who would’ve thought that this morning could get any better. The place felt warm, and happy for once.

The author's comments:

This story really shows what being sisters is all about. 

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