I said we were safe, not safer

October 16, 2017
By hannahbrewer BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
hannahbrewer BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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The space was eerie, with no light. Filled with great vast walls lined with shelves of memories I wish I didn't remember. In the great big room a single door was the only way for escape - no no, I mean the only way for an intruder to come in. Its locked with a key only I can use, the door promising to protect me. Music starts playing and it repeats like a broken record… this place is safe, this place is safe, this place is safe. I rock on my knees in a cradled position as if doing a dance. The music is so loud it drowns the room and I can't breathe. My lifeline is spoken “my name is Isabel Brooks, some one loves me, someone loves me, Isabel Brooks, someone loves me.”  No longer filled with water I feel empty. It’s lonely here; so cold with no other human warmth. No no, that's a good thing,you only need yourself, you only need yourself. They are monsters so why didn't I fight back? Instead, I run run run from there judgy eyes and pained laughs. Running from abuse and ridicule. I end up here; with no light. No escape. No human warmth. I am within myself now and there is no going back. But I hear them here too, those horrible voices. I didn't think they would follow me everywhere I go, never forgotten. I sprint to the door as if running from  death, and perhaps I was. Only one thought in my eerie head...I have to get away from them, I have to get away from them. The door smiles wickedly; no longer a key hole “ I said we were safe not safer”...

The author's comments:

This Article is about the inner workings of a girls mind and how much bullying can affect ones sanity. I was inspired to write this piece to really show how painful bullying can be and how much effect it can have on ones mind. I hope this peice will provide enough emotion so people will think twice before being mean to others. 

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