Lost By Johhnie Chen

September 29, 2017
By JohnnieChen BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JohnnieChen BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Jeff Pickerson and Josh Beckett are seniors at Falcon high school in Colorado. Jeff is the captain of the chess club and he was the valedictorian of Falcon High. Josh is the starting quarterback on the varsity football team. They are the complete opposite of each other, you would have never guessed they were friends, actually they are really great friends. Since they both just finished their last year of highschool, they decided to wait one year then go to college. Right after their last day of school, Jeff and Josh decided to go to the Caribbean and learn how to sail. Also they both wanted to rent a boat for a week and explore the Caribbean. The following month, they left Denver airport for the Caribbean. Once they arrived, they started to learn how to sail. After they took a couple of days of lessons, they rented a boat and set off. The first couple of days the weather was amazing, the sun was out and the ocean was a clear light blue. Then Jeff saw an enormous gray cloud with streaks of lightning and insisted that they turn back.

Josh said, “it’s nothing, it’s just a cloud don’t worry, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Overnight the storm worsened and it was impossible to turn back. Their ship rocked back and forth like an amusement ride. Suddenly a huge wave crashed into the boat and rammed into the soft sand of an island and flipped over. Jeff and Josh both flew out of the boat, they felt like they were flying for a split second. Jeff hit the sand hard and he got sand in his ears and mouth. Josh flew farther and hit the sand, bounced and flew into the lush jungle. Josh suddenly woke up to a bright, sunny and warm morning. The sun was a beautiful orange yellow hue. Josh scanned his surroundings and saw his friend unconscious on the beach. Josh ran and started to shake Jeff, Josh screamed, “Jeff,Jeff come on wake up!!” Then Jeff woke up so suddenly that it caused Josh to jump up. After a few minutes, Jeff said, “ we are lost.”

Josh replied, “noooo, I couldn’t tell.”

“ Well it was your fault, you didn’t want to turn around!”

“I thought it was a small storm, plus it wasn’t even close.”

“Let's stop arguing and go search the boat for supplies.”


Jeff slowly got up and Josh followed him, Jeff tried opening the door on the damaged boat but the door was jammed. Josh tried and had no luck, he ran and grabbed a rock and smashed the hole in the door to climb through. The inside of a boat was such a mess it looked like hurricane went through all the cabinets and furniture. After taking in the damage, Jeff said, “let’s look for the emergency kit or anything that we can use to survive.” Josh started to carry out all the wood pieces, and Jeff told him what they could use. Josh and Jeff found many useful items but no emergency kit. Finally after a few hours of searching, Jeff found the emergency kit. He went outside and opened it, inside were bundle of items, there were lots of packages of dehydrated food and supplies. Then they started to build shelters, since Jeff couldn’t lift the huge wooden planks. Jeff told Josh where to put them to build the most suitable shelter for them. While Josh was finishing the shelters, Jeff tried out the fire starter in the emergency kit. In no time he had a bright,orange fire next to the shelter. Jeff started to go into the jungle and forage for plants and fruit to eat. Jeff found a couple taro leafs and other leafy vegetables he read about in a survival book. Jeff bought the bundle of leafs back to camp and Josh asked him

    “ Why do you have a bunch plants?”

    Jeff replied, “ We don’t want to eat all of the dehydrated food and starve to death.”

    Jeff looked at the shelters and said, “ Josh, the shelters are horrible!!”

    “No they are really amazing, I spent hours making them you are just jealous!”

    “Jealous of how bad the shelters are!”

    Josh angrily yelled, “You can’t even lift the wooden planks!!!”

    Jeff replied with same amount of anger, “Well you don’t know anything about surviving in the wild!”

    “Oh yeah ? Well I’m going to the other side of the island and I am going to do better without you.”

    “Okay, well I don’t need your help at all.”

Josh stormed into the jungle leaving Jeff to go through the rest of the emergency kit and tend the fire.

Josh walked around the dense jungle to find a suitable place to build a shelter, but every inch of the jungle floor was covered with thick tree branches. So Josh gave up and walked back out to the soft sandy beach, he then jogged a couple hundred yards away from Jeff. Josh tried to make a shelter but he had no idea how to and he was thinking about food, too. He had been so dumb, he should have grabbed the dehydrated food before he left. Josh had nothing to eat and no shelter. Jeff on the other hand was reinforcing the shelter that he made, Josh just placed the wood he thought, this shelter is mine because I designed it. Jeff put leaves to insulate the heat and he started to sort through the rest of the emergency kit. Other than the food and first aid items, inside were radio, small pot, small stove, survival axe and emergency blanket. Jeff tried the radio and there was a static buzzing sound then he could slowly make out a voice talking, “Have you flew over the island on the right to look for them ?”    

    Jeff yelled in the microphone, “ Hello ? I am lost on an island, please can you hear me ??!!?!”

The voice replied, “We hear you loud and clear, we are tracking your radio, we are on the way,will arrive in a few hours. over .”

Jeff looked at Josh in the distance lying in the sand, he went over and sat next to him.

Jeff said, “I’m sorry for saying your shelter was trash.”

Josh replied with a sigh, “you were right I can’t survive on my own.”

“ You made a really good shelter, if it wasn’t for the radio I found in the emergency kit, we would have stayed here for a long time.”

“ Wait… you found a radio and got help???”

“ Yep and help is almost here.”

“No way, that’s not possible.”

“Look up!”

Josh stood up and looked up at the bright blue sky and saw an airplane coming down. Josh hugged his friend, “ we are saved !!!”

On the airplane ride back to Colorado, the two friends agreed to stay in touch for their rest of their lives even though they were going to separate colleges to study.

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