Tired Nights

September 29, 2017
By Jesyke SILVER, Hemet, California
Jesyke SILVER, Hemet, California
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Ava just wants to go to bed, but Tori is too busy trying to finish a project. Chapter 1: Tired Nights Ava lied in bed, exhausted from the full day she had had. Tori sat next to her still typing away on her computer. Ava eyelids started to droop and she could feel sleep slowly overtaking her. Her body completely relaxed, her breathing evened and her mind went numb.
“Psst. Hey,” a voice whispered, successfully pulling her back into consciousness. She sighed and readjusted, slowly falling asleep again.
“You. Hey,” it interrupted again. Ava opened her eyes and turned to the culprit responsible for disturbing her.
“What?” she snapped. Tori had a small smile on her face, but her eyes were tired.
“Hiiiiiiiiii,” she droned out. Ava stared in amazement at the woman in front of her.
“Really? You're that desperate for attention?”
Tori pondered this for a moment, “A farrrr frommmm perrrrrtfect guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” she yawned out, falling back onto the bed.
“What?” Ava questioned, baffled by what she had just witnessed.
“I tired,” sensible English had completely escaped Tori at this time. Ava had only seen this once before. She shivered at the memory of a broken milkshake machine, the smell of hair spray, and chicken strips.
“Then sleep,” she responded simply flipping back over and flopping her face into the pillow. Tori readjusted so she was laying on top of her friend.
Ava sighed into the pillow and dared to ask, “Why not?”
“Stop elongating your words and go to sleep,” she rolled onto her side, throwing off her smaller friend from her back. She closed her eyes again. The bed dipped slightly and something cuddled against her back.
“Sweepy…” it whispered.
“Really?” Ava sighed. Several minutes past with nothing from Tori behind her, “Did you just pass out?” she asked quietly.
“Go to sleep!”
“I will!”
“I have to changed first! Do you expect me to sleep in my clothes?”
“It's almost one in the morning,” Ava sat up and stared at her friend, who was still in her clothes from the day, “Why aren't you in pajamas yet?”
Tori sat up as well and the two girls faced each other, “I've been busy!” Ava pointed to the bathroom on the other side of the room they were sharing.
“Go change, get ready for bed and finish whatever you're doing in the morning,” Ava ordered.
“No buts. Only bed. Go.”
Tori looked like she was about to protest again, but Ava glared and pointed to the bathroom door again. Tori got off the bed, mumbling something that resembled “You don't have to be so bossy”. Ava waited until the door shut, before climbing back under the covers of her bed. A few minutes later the door opened and Tori walked out in her pajamas. Her once disheveled hair brushed and her makeup removed. Ava smiled as Tori climbed into bed and turned off the light. The battle is over, she thought. Ava eyelids started to droop and she could once again feel sleep slowly overtaking her. Her body completely relaxed, her breathing evened and her mind went numb…
“It's cold in here.”

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