The Duo

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous


The crowd went crazy. The Thunder did it! They finally won an NBA Championship! Thanks to the duo of Klayton Copeland and Robert Allen, A.K.A. The “Basketball Brothers,” the Thunder won their first championship.
This was the scene:
It was game 7 in the NBA finals, and the tensions were high. There was only one game left to prove who the best team in the league was. Who would come out on top: the Thunder or the Cavs?
The Thunder had the league's best duo, Klayton Copeland and Robert (Bob) Allen, but the Cavs had Lebron James. The only way to see who was the best to play the game. We won the tip-off, then went on a 10-0 run.
Then the Cavs called a timeout and came out to shorten the deficit to 4 points: 16-20. 2nd quarter began. Robert Allen and Klayton Copeland were subbed out, and that’s when the Cavs gained a big lead. When they were took out the game, the Cavs were up by 18 points. They tried to shorten the lead down to 10, but the Cavs kept the steady lead.
At halftime, the Thunder were down 15 points.When the Thunder went to the locker room the coach gave them a long speech. The speech really hyped the them up for the second half.
When the 3rd quarter started, Bob heated up. He scored 16 of the Thunder’s 18 points and shortened the Cavs lead to 2. Then began the the fourth quarter Bob had been benched to get some rest. That's when Klayton Copeland got the hot hand, scoring on back-to-back possessions.
At the 8 minute mark, Robert Allen came back in, but his main focus wasn't trying to score. He was passing it to teammates to get them to score. Then came the final minutes of the game. It was tied up at 96-96. The Cavs called a timeout.
But the crown and Thunder knew who the ball was going to Lebron James. It was an isolation play he scored with a spin move, so nice the crowd went wild over the and one play. Now it was 99-96, with 49 seconds left.
Klayton had the ball. He had to hit the three to tie it up or score a quick 2 point play. He decided to call an isolation play with Lebron guarding him. He crossed the ball over then used a step back to tie the game with a 3. There were 25 seconds left in the game. They tried to stall for the last second shot, but the Thunder got the steal with 20 seconds left.
The Thunder called a timeout.
They passed it in from half court giving it to Klayton. It was silent in the stadium you could only hear the ball hitting the floor. Everybody was watching, wondering if he would win the game or would it go to overtime. He walks down the court it seems like time is slowing down every second as he dribbles, stalling the ball to get the last shot.
Once the shot clock hit the 10 second mark, Klayton starts making moves, trying to score. He crosses over and steps back, but he still doesn’t lose his defender. He then pump fakes the three point shot and Lebron fell for it. He drives in the lane the help defense comes but it wasn’t enough to stop Klayton. Everybody watched as the ball bounced around the rim then started rolling the anticipation to see if it would go in was intense. Finally, the ball went in by a buzzer beater the crowd went crazy all you could hear was the loud roar from the fans. All the Cavalier fans were in pure shock they thought they had the series in the bag but the basketball brothers proved they didn’t. All the players ran on the court and made a dog pile on Klayton Copeland for the amazing game winning shot. After all the excitement they had NBA Finals Award Ceremony, and Klayton won the Finals MVP. That was his second MVP of the season after winning the regular season MVP. After the NBA Finals Parade all anybody could wonder was could Klayton Copeland and Robert Allen have another historic year. Could they live up to hype they have or will they choke?

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