The Home

September 22, 2017
By Brawnsome BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Brawnsome BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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I stopped to wait briefly. And as the automatic doors slid open I continued slowly and deliberately, feeling the hot rays of the sun wane away a little bit more off my backside with each step towards the entrance of the air-conditioned chamber. The doors clicked shut behind me; completely severing my tangible connection to life outside and quickly vanquishing the warm air that had followed me in and provided me with a short-lived company. From inside I could see?through the transparent panes?the sporadic winds jerk the occasional leaf or plastic wrapper here and then there; but I could no longer feel the similar effect the wind played on my hair, or the invigorating rush flossing around the perimeters of my body. I was numb; I could no longer feel.
In my anesthetized consciousness, my surroundings sped up around me, but they did not change speed. I was in a daze; I seemed to be aware enough though because I interacted with the blonde receptionist briefly before she led me into the back room. I don’t remember what she asked me or what I responded with, but I knew that at a glance she appeared unrealistically naturally gorgeous, and while so unique, she existed so ordinary. Following her, still in a haze, I hardly noticed that with each step, her heel tapped the ground. And with each tap that echoed through the halls, every tile I passed grew paler and whiter. The walls were also white, and near the end of the corridor they too appeared to get brighter as the space between us receded. It could have been due to the white, fluorescent lights lining the white-tiled ceiling, brilliantly lighting up every corner, crevice, or crack in such a way that made whatever flaws that were actually existent inconceivable to me. And along with the whiteout of my surroundings, was the whiteout of my memory as I made it to the end of the hallway and through the doors.
Her gaze snapped me into sobriety then quickly cast me off into space; and I was weightless - drifting through her pupil’s galaxies. I was frozen. My body was freezing. But the same glorious source of power that brought me light years away from where I was, kept me warm at heart and mind - allowing me to exist peacefully without having to think about anything in particular, but awe at all things in ambiguity.

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