The Lonesome Boy Jeremiah

September 20, 2017
By CaitlynMarie09 BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
CaitlynMarie09 BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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A young 13 year old boy named Jeremiah had a sophisticating and rocky couple of years, he lost both his parent. His dad died from a plane crash when he was only 9, and his mother died from cancer when he was 11, all within 3 years from each other he felt like he lost his whole life. For two years he has been on his own in the city of Albany New York. At the age of twelve he lost his home due to financials, which had him ending up on the streets. At night time the streets are darkened and alarming. As he wanders garbage can to garbage can to streams to streams, just trying to survive, he would always remembers of what his parents would always tell him “have courage and be brave”.

One night as he lays under a park bench trying to keep warm because he doesn’t have a blanket, he lays there thinking about what his parents told him. Jeremiah wants to stay strong, but he doesn’t see the point, he’s all alone, smelly, and starving. He’s running out of strength.
He’s missing his parents deeply,  he questions whether to give up and see his parent high in the sky, or keep having courage like his parents use to tell him. He finally goes to sleep, when he wakes up at dawn to go gather his daily rations of water he still has those thoughts, as he fills up his water tears start to fall, he no longer sees a bright future.
As he’s sitting there a middle age couple with a ten year old daughter sees him crying and asks “what’s going on?” He couldn’t hold back, he needed hope, and seeing them gave him a little faith, because no one has talked to Jeremiah in months. He thinks to himself God has sent me angel, he has seen me. This family saw what he was wearing and filling up his jug with dirty water from a polluted stream and took him out for a proper meal. As he devoured his food, the middle aged couple couldn’t send him back to the dirty stream, so they took him to child services.
Weeks went by, no one wanted him, as the couple heard the news, they decided to take him under their wing. Jeremiah was dismayed, he didn’t know what to think or what to do. He was petrified, but he knew he wanted a home, so he gave them a chance, as they were giving him a chance. They took him shopping for news clothes, signed him up for school, and so on. Months goes by and they really had a special bond all of them, they decided to adopt young Jeremiah. Years go by, and he’s now a junior in high school with all straight A’s. One night as he looks up to the sky as he prays, he says “I had courage mom and dad, and I stayed brave.” Jeremiah finally felt safe and at home with his “new” family.

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