A Peek Into My Almost Published Book

September 7, 2017
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After a couple hours of being in the water the sun began to set and things took a brutal turn in the water and she was rushed to the hospital unconscious and hooked up to wires, she was out for 3 days straight when she woke up there was news waiting for her…


Ashley Sails Had an easy life, kinda still does but it all took a turn when she went out with friends for the day... They had rented a yacht to party on and went out into the nice icy blue water, sailing away into the 100 degree weather with the nice summer breeze lifting her hair out of her face and brushing it off her neck. After and hours something was off the sun was setting later than usual and the wind had died off. She played with the beach ball tossing it around with her friends when her friend Kyle was jerked under water and abruptly came back up screaming, dark inky liquid threatened to wrap around her and pull her down, she couldn't hear what Kyle was saying, she tried to make-out what he said but all she guessed was shack? no no that couldn't be right he was making a ack sound or was it... Oh no he meant SHARK!

Chapter 1


My Life

I live with my parents, my cousin moved in over the past couple of weeks because they are looking for a new house. She has Brown Glossy hair like me and grey eyes I have green, we both have freckles and the same even toned tan, were like twins. My Father and mother both make good amounts of money that we had offered to have my cousin's family live with us, ( Our house is huge. ) but they declined saying they didn't want to disturb us except for my cousin. Her Name Is Miranda and Mine Is Ashley Sails.

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Amanderr said...
Sep. 15 at 6:53 pm
Love it, check the Teen ink chat!
-MayFlower- said...
Sep. 15 at 6:48 pm
Thanks everyone!
PPicturePerfectt said...
Sep. 13 at 12:01 am
good job! Nice detail, I suck at writing lol
CarlsJr.com- said...
Sep. 12 at 11:53 pm
Oh and I didn't click on the MADE ME CRY! because I don't cry XD
CarlsJr.com- said...
Sep. 12 at 11:53 pm
Nice Dialogue! and again cute name May!
xCatherinex said...
Sep. 12 at 11:44 pm
Nice! I can totally relate to that girl I used to have the perfect life and then my grades started to slip because of boys and drama :( I regret loosing the things I loved and I did ask myself over and over if My life was still perfect/good or if it was ruined forever, like I couldn't go back and have a redo over, Is that how the character is going to feel?
>>Mia<< said...
Sep. 11 at 12:21 pm
Fabulous Book Girl!
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