The Hijackers

September 1, 2017
By Churchasis-Kingling BRONZE, West Hills, California
Churchasis-Kingling BRONZE, West Hills, California
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    Gorgeous Tristin Johnson is on her way to the airport with her family,; they are heading to California for the holidays. Among her were her father and a couple of her siblings, her older sister had stayed home with her husband and son deciding to spend the holidays at their house in Utah with Tristin’s brother. He didn’t want to come which left Tristin to hang out with her other sister in the car the sister in the back  seat while she got to sit in the front seat. Tristin chose to as they drove to the airport which was still around a hour or so away from their current location. The environment in the car was humid and hot and had everyone a little frustrated at the same scenery and the same song on the radio. She was just looking zoning off into the distance thinking about what she’ll do when she gets there. Tristin told her father to turn off the AC and that they can save gas by leaving the windows down. The wind was a little chilly but helped her a lot. She actually just wanted to drown out her family’s voices by looking outside having the wind rushing through her ears as deafening as it is. Tristin tired from getting up early today and not getting much sleep the night before decides to take a nap and ignore her family for a little bit.

    It was around 30 minutes when she woke up from her nap, now feeling a little energized and refreshed from the quick snooze. Taking a quick check of her sibling she realizes that her sister had fallen asleep and it's just her and their dad and personally not feeling like starting a conversation with him she relents to just stare out her window some more. Checking Google Maps on her phone she realizes  they will be at the airport soon and it may be a few hours until they even get on the plane. Tristin often called Tris by those close to her had nightmares the night before which caused her to not get much sleep. It’s been like that every night for the past few weeks now and it's frozen her with fear each time forcing her to wake up in cold sweats shivering scared out of her mind. Tristin does not have much joy in her usual activities and often finds herself just zoning off into the distance wasting the day away it's a simple process: sleep, wake up, trudge through the day, and then go back to sleep. Only thing she  was  looking forward to was seeing her boyfriend in California who had done his best to help her through her problems and keep her going through her life. Good thing their plane takes off in four hours and they aren’t there yet which means plenty time to snooze more. Which she does at that very moment.

    Grace Cravahlo was headed to Los Angeles from New York and had taken a connecting flight to Utah to head to L.A from there. She is 15 and with her family heading to Los Angeles for the holidays and they decided to do a connecting flight and save a little money as well as it being the only flight that would get them to LAX in time to meet family. Grace having always loved to draw and create was very creative and resourceful she found pleasure in solving problems some people cannot  or creating fast solutions and doing the fun stuff. Grace currently en route to the airport in Utah in which she and her family will be boarding their connecting flight to Los Angeles. For some unknown reason she has a bad feeling something will happen on the way there and she hopes she is wrong. Grace resumes the drawing she is working on as they get closer and closer to Utah.

    All of a sudden the entire plane lurches forward from turbulence and it feels like they might fall out of the sky at any moment and take a whopping crash landing but fortunately the plane ends up stabilizing and the shaking stops. It doesn’t help that Grace has a major fear of heights and it took a lot of convincing to get her to even board the plane much less enter the airport back in New York. The rest of the flight seems to go without many problems and they touch down in Utah. One part of their journey complete the second about to begin.

    Tristin having woken up a hour ago and having now gone through everything to board the plane is excited to get going towards Los Angeles and surprise her long distance boyfriend. Inside she has no clue what to expect but is still looking forward to it nonetheless. Strangely, she saw a bunch of strange guys hanging outside the airport when she first arrived. As soon as Tristin saw them she got a very bad feeling and never ignores her feelings. Having told her dad but being told not worry and to believe in the security she tries to relax but is not able to get the feeling to go away that something is amiss. Everyone was beginning to board and she made her way to with her family.

    The family and Tristin eventually having made their way through the mob of people crowding onto the plane found their seats. Tristin was in a window seat with a stranger while her father was with her sister behind her. All of a sudden, startling her, a beautiful girl sits next to Tristin. “Hi I’m Grace” the other girl says, “Hello there nice to meet you Grace, I am Tristin but call me Tris.” And so they start talking but it seems like the other girl is distracted by something over in a corner of the plane a few tall guys with all Black clothes and Black hoodies on. “So why are you headed to Los Angeles?” Asks Grace whilst looking still at the guys in the corner who have now seated in a seat by the door to the plane and one went to sit by a emergency exit. “My dad and I, we came for holidays with one of my sisters my older sister and my brother decided to stay home my brother is with older sister’s family.” Tris looks over when there is no response and notices she had fallen asleep. Tristin decides to do the same as the plane is now in the air having taken off with all passengers on board. It's maybe an hour or so later when she feels herself get gently shaken awake by Grace next to her. “Look!” She points to the corner where the guys in hoodies are jumping and pacing around inconspicuously. All of a sudden they all shoot up and so does the one by the emergency exit and pull out weapons aiming them at the passengers. Before anyone can realize what happened they fire a shot into into a chair in front of Tristin and Grace causing panic. People are screaming and it's chaos behind Tris her father is holding onto her sister tightly not moving a muscle. Grace is paralyzed with fear, her fear of heights freezing her in fear as it sinks in she could die all the way up in the sky or the plane could crash or even be  hijacked.

Grace could not be more scared than she was right now. She knew something was off about those guys she just knew it. Now they had machine guns pointed at everyone and everyone was panicking but not getting out of their seats lest they get lest they get shot to death. Her father and mom sitting in the seat directly in front of her and Tris and the bullet they had fired had gone right through the seat nearly hitting her dad. But narrowly missing and somehow getting lodged in the seat stuffing right where it could have penetrated and hit Tristin in the chest. It appeared to be a miracle and she was lucky to be alive. One of the guys yells at the one that fired the bullet that nearly ended her new friends life. Everyone can clearly him yell “NO KILLING THE HOSTAGES WE NEED THEM ALIVE OR THIS IS UGLY!” Everyone freezes in their seats now the initial shock over. No one dares to move a muscle as the terrorists order their captain to open the Cockpit door they can all hear the refusal behind the unbreachable door. No way these guys could have gotten tools on here along with the guns to get through that door, but that could mean they’d kill hostages until he does open it which might as well be worse than them somehow managing to smuggle large drilling equipment onto the plane. All of a sudden the plane lurches forward and one of the black hoodie guys sprawls to the ground his weapon going flying towards Tristin’s feet whom quickly picks it up loads it and aims at the terrorists. The silence in the plane is so thick you could feel a knife slicing it like butter only thing to be heard the quiet hum of the engine. Four terrorists one weaponless what could Tris do without losing her life or harming anyone else how does she even know how to use the gun in the first place! It looks like she’s known how to use a weapon all her life with the ease she points it at the terrorists.

    Tristin sure was scared without a doubt she was terrified three to one and one weaponless enemy a room full of hostages what she does now could change her life or end it or end everyone there. What no one sees or knows is that there is a Air Marshal on this flight and he is coming around the back with a Pistol, seeing his opportunity to even the fight and save lives he grabs one of the terrorists and holds him by the neck putting his pistol to his head and forcing him to drop his Rifle. “Now now folks this is over drop your weapons and he won’t get hurt.” The plane shakes again from turbulence but the Marshal maintains his balance while another terrorist loses his balance and his weapon goes flying towards Grace who picks it up and aims it uneasily towards the weaponless ones. Now with 2 terrorists held at gunpoint and 3 weaponless they have failed and the plane is safe. The Marshal handcuffs  all 4 of the terrorists and lets the captain know through a special radio the threat has been neutralized. He congratulates Grace and Tristin for their actions and bravery. The plane lands in Los Angeles and Grace and Tristin  after having given the Police and FBI their statements and what they saw and felt. They become  close friends from that day often reminiscing about the event that day.

The author's comments:

Real events that could happen and to help make readers aware

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