August 30, 2017

As I layed on my bed listening to the new Machine Gun Kelly song I heard my mom calling my name, what could she want now? I got up stubbing my toe on the door “F**K,” I yelled. NASIRA CATHERINE watch your mouth young lady, I heard mom shout.  “Sorry,” I shouted back. What do you want mom? First of all what I want is for you not to get that attitude with me ever. Second I found your phone. Who is Dylan and why is he calling you hot? Well mother I have this thing called a boyfriend. I know you don't know what that is considering you can't keep a man for more than 2 days. He is coming to pick me up in half an hour and I am leaving weather you like it or not. Whatever go get pregnant and when you do that guy will leave you and you will keep the kid. Mom is such a pain, whatever I am 16 years old I will do whatever I want. I curled my hair, threw on my black skull tank top and my short shorts. Did my make up and was ready to go. “Ding.” That must be him, time to roll out of the hole. As I walked down the stairs I heard a voice, it was deep and friendly. I could have sworn I have heard it before. Catherine is that you babygirl? Daddy? Catherine what are you wearing? My dad looked at me his eyes looked like a little babys when you steal their toy. His normally beautiful grey eyes shot daggers into my soul as the tear trickled down his face. His look he gave me was so upsetting it made me want to vomit. Where did my baby girl go? Sweetheart you know this isn't you. How would you know how I am you walked out of my life without me and left me here, with her. Princess I'm so sorry you know I love you I'm just going through some stuff that I got to work out. FOR 6 YEARS DAD?! I glared at him in a way I didn't even know existed. I hated him with every bone in my body for leaving me with my mom, but he is my daddy and I want up to be a family again. Yes baby for 6 years. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!  You left a week before my 10th birthday why would you do that?! Nasira we need to talk. A week before your birthday we wanted to give you the perfect gift. A big stuffed teddy bear. The one that sits in my room? Yes, well with bills we didn't have much money so I resorted to some bad things. I sold a couple of my sleeping pills for money, well once we got the money and your mom bought you the bear the man I sold the pills to died. The cops swore that I killed him and put me in jail. I finally got out about three months ago but I didn't want to come back yet.

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