What are friends for?

August 30, 2017
By princesspaige BRONZE, Ronoke, Virginia
princesspaige BRONZE, Ronoke, Virginia
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As I walked from the farm to the house all I could think about was how my tan was uneven. Mom says it because I don't walk around in my swimsuit but I mean that's kinda weird. I actually haven't seen mom in a while, her and dad had to go to a convention for their jobs so I've been home alone. Ding my phone said as the text appeared. Hey ozzy I’m on my way down. It was from my best friend Ethan, my real name is Paige but sometimes he calls me ozzy when he is in one of his dorky moods. He only calls me that because I am obsessed with baby ocelots. Ok see you in a bit bro, I texted back. He lives like 5 minutes away so he should be here soon, if he doesn't have to put gas in the four wheeler. Vroom I heard. Yep he is here. “Hey Batman,” I yelled as he pulled up. “Hey Robin what's up?” I shot him this look of what the crap do you think is up dude, I'm clearly walking to get ice cream. “You are going to get ice cream aren't you,” he asked. “Duh genius you want some?” “Depends we talking normal ice cream or them milk shakes you make?” “Milkshakes!” “Yea I want some,” he told me. As we walked to the house we joked about how he can't drive and how his parents like me more then his ex girlfriend. We stopped right outside the house for a second so he could connect to the wifi.  Shabanga we heard from the house. As we looked up we saw two big fat black figures walk and stand in my window. “PAIGE WHO ARE THEY,” Ethan asked. I have no clue but they have my necklace I got from my mamaw, she said it was one of a kind like me. I have to get it back! “No Paige we will get the necklace back but I can't live without my best friend now come on we are leaving get on the four wheeler NOW!”

The author's comments:

This is based off my friend ship with my best friend.

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