But not the school bell!

August 20, 2017
By Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
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She was 3 then...first day of the school.. The misty-eyed baby was hoping that papa wouldn't leave her hand! But unwantedly he did. The school became her second home and the SCHOOL BELL, her new homie.
Months passed and so years did and a preschooler who began with ABCD could now write a complete sentence. She was in primary school now. School turned out to be so much fun for her. These years were the pillars of her growth,the comprehensive growth. Soon everything changed but not the SCHOOL BELL.
She turned into an adolescent. The middle school subjects made her invest more hours in studies and she became hard working . Being at the dawn of puberty, the young girl was partially mature and had started discovering the new moods of life. Her interests and priorities changed. Friends became more important than parents and as a result mistakes were frequent. Her demand of barbies now shifted to make-up kits and looking good was the main goal. Again everything changed but not the SCHOOL BELL.

Then came the verge of school life. The most captivating highschool period. She is mature, understanding and pretty now.
Subjects changed, and so, many friends did but not the SCHOOL BELL . It is the time for first love, crushes and all that fun.
Along with that there is immense pressure of scoring good grades. Being a science student, getting a good college is a mammoth challenge. .

Leaving everything behind, out of the busy life, she takes a day off, sits unescorted, and recalls all those heavenly years the school gave her. That morning prayer,two oily pleats, fight for lunch box in the very first period, happiness when the teacher was absent,mischieves in the practical lab,hot gossips with bffs, the truth and dare game in front of crush, the fun when the whole class was punished, cursing the teacher liked by nobody and all those beautiful moments.
She sits there, still, with a bittersweet smile, a kind of melancholy surrounds her as she knows changes are inevitable and everything is going to change within some months and this time the SCHOOL BELL too.

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