Formal Event

August 6, 2017

Reflections of orange bounced off the dark ripples of water as the pebble hit it sending rings across the glass surface. The glow of the lamppost was the only thing that stood along side the dark pine trees that towered above the lake water. Even the moon struggled to peak through the dark shadows of the hunched over pines. The shimmering light danced across the dark water as the breeze through the trees and the small patter of the moths that hit the lamp were the only things that served as music.

No one stops to watch or listen other than the creator of the dance. His feet hung low off the deck of the dock and bushed across the surface of the water. His worn out formal shoes sat next to him as he brushes some pine needles off his grey suit. Everyone was back at the wedding except for him. He would rather enjoy the company of the lake for the night. He would much rather watch the lights first dance across the water. He would much rather wear the ring of the ripples on the water. The glint of the orange light faded on the water as the ripples slowly began to fade. Now the only thing that was spreading the light of the lamppost was the orange reflection that bounced off the gold ring in his hand. It wasn’t flowing or dancing across the surface of the metal. It was bouncing off the corners and burning with rage. He wanted to walk back to the tent and slide it onto the finger of the woman he promised to give it to, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t tie himself to anything that he didn’t really love.
He tossed the ring into the water and watched the last dance of the light and the dark water as he slid his formal shoes back on.

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