Right or Wrong

July 25, 2017
By Anonymous

I was so disappointed knowing that someone else is competing with me for the job of assistant manager. And the chances are that he would win, Reginald always was on the managers good side, and he was always picked when someone needed help in the office. I walked home with these thoughts in my head, about how I could show the manager that I should have the job and not Reginald. I needed to take my mind off things. I see a bar while I walk home. “I could use a beer,” I say to myself. I walked into to the bar and everyone’s eyes were on me. Based on the way people looked, this type of bar was inhabited by people who want to run away from their problems. They didn’t want a “stuck-up” business man in their bar. If only they knew. After a few seconds of silence, they went back to whatever they were doing. “You don’t come here often do you,” asks the bartender. “No, first time I’ve been to this place” “The people here don’t take kindly to strangers” “I can see that,” I said to the bartender. “Anyways”, said the bartender “What’ll it be?” “I’ll take a beer” while I wait, I think about ways to prove why I deserve the job. The bartender comes back with my drink. “Here you go” “Thank you,” I said to the bartender. I go back to my thinking when someone barging in to the bar. “The usual Jason?” asks the bartender. “Yeah” says Jason. I ignore him and go back to my business. But when he sat next to me, then realize that the man was my old friend. “Jason?” I said “Simon?” says Jason. “I didn’t recognize you for a second” I said. “Me neither, you look good Simon”. “Man, how long has it been since we last seen each other”.  “We didn’t talk so much after high school,” I said. “Let’s talk, it’s been too long. What are you doing now? “I work as a business man,” I said. What? Who would have thought that you’d be working in a cubicle.”  “I know…” I said. I didn’t say anything else, just looking at the glass of beer that I have even touched yet. “What’s up,” asked Jason. “I’m trying to get a job promotion but I’m competing with someone who might just get the job,” I said. “Well you can’t give up know, you’ve gotten this far. Keep on going.” “Thanks Jason”. While we were enjoying our drinks, the news suddenly came on the tv’s telling us to beware of a bank robber who robbed a bank not too long ago. “Huh, I wonder where he is now.”  I looked over at Jason waiting for a response, only to find his eyes darting away from the tv very quickly. Almost too quickly. “Are you alright” I asked Jason. He didn’t say anything. “Does this have something to do with the news?” Still nothing. And then he said it. “Simon… I’m the run-away robber”. “What?” “I’m not being here by coincidence, I came here to lay low from the cops” said Jason. “You’ve got to be kidding me”. “Jason watch out, the police are coming!” screamed the bartender. Quickly Jason went to hide somewhere in the back of the bar. The police came in the bar, questioning the customers if they have seen Jason. The police started to come my way. And I already knew what they were going to ask me, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I couldn’t just turn in my friend, but I couldn’t just let him get away with robbing a bank. “Sir, have you seen this suspect” The showed me a picture of him, I pretended to look at the picture to give me time to think about what decision I will make. I prepared myself for the worst things to come with my decision. “He’s in the back of the bar,” I said. The police quickly searched the back of the bar and apprehended Jason. They were about to leave when Jason turned around to look at me, “Why?” he said. “You’re my friend, but you need to pay for what you’ve done”. Then they police took Jason away. I then sat there on the counter wondering if I would still have a friend after he was released.

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