Fortune Cookie

July 20, 2017
By Anonymous

“You will travel to many exotic places in your lifetime, ” says my fortune cookie, I still keep the little piece of paper in my pocket wherever I go. I opened this cookie more than 20 years and I did not know how accurate a little slip of paper could be. I am currently at the Canary Islands in Fuerteventura. The view from my hotel room is breathtaking. The water is a clear yet deep blue, and I can see multiple tourists practicing their water sports or tanning.
I have never really appreciated the nature around me since growing up I was always surrounded by technology. Taking this trip around the world means so much to me as I can learn about all of the different cultures and traditions but most importantly find myself again. Throughout my travel, I have become one with myself and nature. I am not afraid of life and instead, I have learned to accept that everything happens for a reason. Even the bad things happen for a reason, it helps someone grow, not physically but psychologically and mentally. I have seen everything from terrible dust storms in the Sahara Desert, to a pack of lions capturing their prey in the savannahs of Africa, from the Earth’s most diverse ecosystem in Madagascar, to catch a glimpse of migrating humpback whales at the Whitsunday Islands. All of these experiences helped me realize more about myself and help me find peace from my fast life from New York.
I never believe in fortune cookies but this one seemed as if it was made for me which is the only reason why I kept it throughout the years. My travels made me feel as if we as humans are capable of preserving what nature has to offer us and we can use nature to make us happy again. We do not need to be around technology to live and more importantly, we do not need to be around the people that always agree with us and do the same things as us. Change does not always have to be bad it can be very uplifting and provide you with peace if you let it. I am happy that I took a couple of years off of work and decided to travel the world to the most exotic places. I am happy that I have learned to laugh and love myself again after hours of stress and restless nights. I am also beyond ecstatic that my fortune came true.

The author's comments:

This piece was written during a Summer Writing Academy that I attended. I hope people will understand that the world is a mysterious place and to not take anything for granted.

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