July 14, 2017
By NairaB PLATINUM, Calgary, Alberta
NairaB PLATINUM, Calgary, Alberta
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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Curiosity was a terrible kid. He would always get in trouble for never keeping his mouth shut. As a child, Curiosity loved Astronomy. He would always have endless thoughts on the topic.  Curiosity ignored the fact that some of his questions could hurt certain people. His favourite motto is: Ask before you act. Curiosity now goes to Law School and is studying Criminal Justice. He finds it fascinating how the criminal mind works. His classmates think Curiosity has a really weird taste of style. He always questioned why people wore such silly or simple clothing. So he decided to to both and comes to school wearing fluffy pink bunny slippers, black suspenders and a plain blue shirt. He always calls his parents, Knowledgeable and Questioning,whenever he needs help making a decision and can’t figure out the outcome. Curiosity talks to his sister Meddling when he wants her to get involved in something. Although he loves her, he finds her very annoying sometimes. Curiosity’s best friends are Wonder and Eagerness. They get along very well and always have each other’s backs. The person Curiosity hates the most in the world is Indifference. Whenever they are in the same room together there is always yelling and shouting. Indifference is never interested in anything and barely participates. Curiosity tries to keep his distance but Indifference is everywhere. When Curiosity is studying, he doesn’t like when people interrupt him and he loses his thoughts on what he’s doing. So he studies in the one place most people never go, his school's cemetery. The biggest fear in Curiosity’s life is when he can’t find the answer to one of his questions. This scares him to death because without an answer he won’t be able to come up with anymore questions. All colours are very interesting to Curiosity. He has never figured out why the world has colours or what their meaning are. But the topic is endless and so is Curiosity’s imagination. One piece of clothing Curiosity has kept his entire life, is the gift he got on his tenth birthday. A long white lab coat with bold grey question marks on the outside of it. He adores this coat and takes it everywhere he goes and never gets it dirty. Curiosity loves traveling and exploring the World. His favourite place to visit is Egypt. He has a passion for learning about the mysteries of the pyramids and ancient Egyptian history. Although Curiosity can be a very difficult person to understand, he never lets go of hope and continues forward to victory.

The author's comments:

This is a short story inspired by a human quality: curisoity. 

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