July 15, 2017
By Isabel Grasis BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
Isabel Grasis BRONZE, Nokesville, Virginia
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"Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out." she thought to herself, until her thinking was interrupted by the splitting ring of her ears. Her bare feet smacked against the scolding pavement. The wind was whipping against her soft face. She felt a drop of water upon her cheek. She wondered if it had began to rain, or was it just her tears. But then then the tear like drops got bigger. Big enough to drown an ant colony, and faster too. She remembered the time she was out in the rain and her dad called out to her "come on in sweetheart! You know rain melts sugar, and we wouldn't want you to disappear on us." But she immediately shut down that memory. She couldn't think about him. Not now. It was too painful. The ringing in her ears gradually tunneled out, and she could hear the thunder roaring in the distance. The following strike of lightning lit up the night sky. She kept moving forward, probably breaking a mile. Her bag was soaking wet and ripping from being dragged against the rough ground. Her feet began to rip open and bleed, and she rethought her decision to not wear shoes. She ran across an intersection, but was not disturbed by the many honks and "get out of the road"s. Her pocket buzzed continuously, rattling the change in her pocket. She stuck her wet hand in her pocket and chucked her phone into the road. They didn't deserve an answer. She came to a stop catching her breathe, and ringing out her clothes. The bus pulled up, and she stepped inside, handing the bearded fella her money. Soon she would be in a new place, with a new identity. People would wonder what ever happened to her. And she would become just another runaway.

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