The life of an orphaned teen

June 30, 2017
By FullMoon99 SILVER, Dry Run, Pennsylvania
FullMoon99 SILVER, Dry Run, Pennsylvania
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It’s a warm Monday morning in September. Blakelynn was waking up her baby sister Cora. As Blakelynn slowly opens the white door to Cora’s room she sees the dark purple walls and cherry hard wood floor covered in stuffed animals and toy animals. Blakelynn dodges the mess on the floor to Cora’s oak framed twin sized bed, she sat on the edge of the bed and started to move the white and camouflage blanket off of Cora while gently shaking her. “Cora, it’s time to wake up. You don’t want to be late for your first day of first grade do you?” say Blakelynn softly. At that remark Cora shot up out of her bed with her long blonde hair in knots and sticking up in every direction, her pajamas slightly out of place and a look of excitement on her little face as she replied with “No, I got to get ready fast. Blake can you help me pick an outfit and do my hair like mommy use to?”. Blakelynn had a sad smile on her face at the thought of their mother that passed away 4 months ago but still replied “Sure, you go get the hair supplies and I’ll pick out your outfit, then we can go have breakfast with Cameron. How does that sound?” “Ok sounds like a plan” replied Cora.

Blakelynn walks into Cora’s large walk-in closet and stars to scan through her clothes after 5 minutes of searching she finally decide on a short sleeve dress that was denim on the top with a white overlay frilly bottom along with a brown bow belt, black tights and her tan cowboy boots. Cora sat down at her dark wood vanity so Blakelynn could brush and braid her hair. As Blakelynn takes the small black brush through her younger sister’s hair small yelps and whimpers could be heard from Cora’s small mouth from the pain of the knots being pulled, Blakelynn apologizes every time she hits a knot. Once all the knots are out of her long blonde hair Blakelynn starts to braid it into a tight fishtail braid. Once the hair is braided as far as Blakelynn could go she asks Cora “Where are your hair bows at?” Cora thinks for a minute before replying with “In the top drawer on the left side with my hair ties”. Blakelynn reaches around Cora while she holds the young girl’s hair tightly to open the drawer and pull a random hair bow out. The first bow that was grabbed was a black and silver bow on a white ribbon. Blakelynn wraps the white ribbons around Cora’s hair tightly “Ok, there you go munchkin. Now go get dressed and meet us downstairs for breakfast” says Blakelynn. Cora smiles a huge smile at her older sister, gives her a big hug and runs off with a quick “ok”. Blakelynn makes her way down the stairs as memories of her parents come rushing back.

*Blakelynn came rushing down the stairs to find her parents smiling and cooking breakfast. Her mom was humming along with some tune on the radio while dancing around the kitchen. Her father was laughing and shaking his head at his wife while cooking some eggs and bacon. Blakelynn stops to take in the view while smiling at her parent’s joy, and how much they love each other., she takes out her camera and snaps a picture them together. As she steps in the kitchen her younger sister came bouncing in the room full of excitement. The two girls set the table while their parents finish up. *

Blakelynn smiles at the memory while a small tear slips down her cheeks. As she rounds the corner instead of seeing her parents she finds her loving boyfriend of five years Cameron cooking breakfast. Blakelynn walks over to him and hugs his waste while giving him a quick peck to his cheek. Cameron smiles at her and returns the love by sending a quick peck tot her lips and he goes back to cooking breakfast. As he is finishing up Cora came bounding down the stairs, she helps Blakelynn set the table and waits patiently for her food. Cameron starts serving food and receives small thanks from broth girls. As breakfast continues on with small talk Blakelynn decides that its finally getting better since the death of her parents.

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