Take No For an Answer

June 29, 2017
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 It’s 10 at night and I’m out with my friends letting loose and having fun
I look across the room of the frat party I’m in and I see the most gorgeous boy I’ve ever seen
He smiles at me when he catches my eye and walks across the room to me
I try to act calm and relaxed when he comes up to me
I smile and we talk for a little bit before he asks if I want a drink
I tell him yes and he leaves for a few minutes before coming back with two red cups
I drink from it while he watches me and I smile back
He asks if I want to go upstairs with him so we can be somewhere quieter
I eagerly nod my head yes and head upstairs with him. I get a little light-headed while walking up the stairs and he holds my hand while we walk up together. When we get to the room I feel completely out of place and lay down on the bed. He crawls on top of me and starts to take off my shirt and I realize what’s happening. I beg and plead while crying please no don’t do this and the last thing I remember is him saying “I don’t take no for an answer”.

It’s been a week since my soul was ripped out of my body that is no longer mine. My skin feels like rubber and eveytime I try to rip it off it bounces back on me. My friends tell me I was dumb to take a drink from a stranger and then leave with him without telling anyone, but I wasn’t thinking.  I acted young and reckless like my mother told me I should never be but I didn’t listen and now look where it got me. Everytime I step foot out of my dorm I feel exposed and like I have a million eyes on me. I feel suffocated by my own guilt and pain. I see fingers pointing and giggling afterwards. They all know what has happened to me and it’s a joke to them.They follow me everywhere constantly laughing and pointing like I’m a animal in the zoo. I have become the best new thing to laugh at and nobody cares about how I’m feeling. I form a plan in my head that I know will work but I have to be patient.

It’s 10 at night and I’m by myself walking into the same house that witnessed my death. Tonight I plan to revive myself the best way I can think of and it will not end the way I want but I will gain my diginity back. I walk to him and smile he’s shocked at first but then he smirks and says “I knew you would come back for more”.  I nod my head and grab his hand leading him upstairs. When we get to the room I throw him on the bed and smile. He crawls back and I think of the plan I formed later in the week. I kiss him then when he goes to grab me I put a gun to his chest. His smile falters and I can see the fear in his eyes “What do you think you’re doing?” he says and I smile a real smile that hasn’t been real since he took my innocence. “I’m doing what’s right.” I say before cocking the gun please no don’t do this he says and I laugh then say “I don’t take no for an answer”. *Boom*

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