June 27, 2017
By Abby love BRONZE, Adams, Massachusetts
Abby love BRONZE, Adams, Massachusetts
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It’s still hard to believe that it’s already been five years since that awful day.  I’ve never told anyone the whole story I’m afraid that they will judge me.  So I am telling you someone that can’t judge me.

So before I tell you what happened I should tell you who I am.  My name is Annie Kay I know strange name but we don’t get to pick our names now do we. I am twenty two years old.  That’s all you need to know about me for now. 

It may be hard for me to tell you this story so here goes.  When I was sixteen I was living with my parents.  My mom was a bartender and couldn’t care less about me and my dad well he was worse, he was always hitting, kicking, and abusing me.  He was put in jail and later released.  So I wanted to leave so I applied to a boarding school in Galveston Texas.  I got in so I packed up all my stuff and moved to Texas from Ohio.  On my first day I moved into my dorm and there was my roommate just sitting there not even unpacked yet.  Our first conversation went like this.

“Hi you must be my new roommate, nice to meet you I’m Katie by the way.” she said shaking my hand.

“The name is Annie” I replied pulling back.

“Well go ahead pick out a bed I can’t decide wich one I want so you pick first.”  She said smiling.

I picked out a bed and we started to unpack.  

“I’m from Maine how about you?” she asked me, as she sat on her bed.

“ I’m from Ohio.  The worst state ever.”  I said, crossing my arms

“ why is it the worst state ever?” She asked, with a questioning look on her face.

“ Well the main reason is because that’s where my parents are.” I said.

“  I’m sorry to hear that.” she said frowning.

That was the end of our conversation.  I didn’t think we would be good friends but by the second day we were best friends I don’t know how but we were.  So the first day of class we took our seats and some guy came up next to us and well let me say he was strange.

“ Hi the name is Jake.” He said to me, winking.

“ I think you are cute you want to go out sometime.” He went on.

“ Umm let me think, no. Now do me a favor and out of my face.” I said, as I unpacked my bag to get ready for class.

After he left class started and that was that.  Katie was a returning student and gave me a tour around the island.  We went to Moody Gardens which was a ton of fun.  We went to the seaquarium and jungle pyramids in Moody Gardens then we went to the water park.  I saw some old fat guy without a shirt on and almost barfed…
Well anyway the next day we went to the amusement park and went on all the rides.  Katie said something strange to me that day she said “ Do you ever wonder about what happens to us after we die?  Some people believe we will go to heaven or hell.  That is what I believe but I also wonder what it is like to die.” She said looking up at the sky.

“ I don’t know” I replied, as I kept walking.

“ How much time do we all have left.  To me it seems like we all have a set timmer.”  My mom ran out of time… she had cancer.  That’s why I left it was just too painful to be there.”  She said, with tears in her eyes.
“ I am sorry for your loss.”  I said sadly,  looking at the ground

“ I miss my mom more than anything.” She said as she started crying.

Two weeks later


        I went to bed the night before thinking about how Katie was the only person in my life that actually cared about me we had become like sisters.  So I woke up the next morning, and later that day I’m driving down the seawall road with katie in the passenger's seat I noticed she wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  I didn’t care I look back to the road when the car in front of me suddenly serves to the side and then SLAM! Another car had slammed into us.  My airbag had come out and my seat belt locked.  I screamed out in pain there was a sharp pain in my leg I knew it was broken the world was spinning just as I was passing out I look over at katie.  She was no longer in her seat… she was in the windshield.  Then everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital.  I look around to see a doctor coming in and a nurse in the room.  The doctor came over to me and said “Hi I’m Dr. Edward.”  He said.

“ I’m Annie” I said looking around the room

“Well your leg is broken and will need surgery. and  you have a concussion.” He told me.

“ Where’s katie?” I asked looking at my leg.

“Katie is in surgery.”  He said camley.

I was scared I had no idea what was wrong with her.  The Doctor had told me before he left that someone was on there way down to see me.  As he left someone in a wheelchair came in.  That person was Jake.

“Annie I am so sorry.” He said

“For what?” I asked, looking at his black eye.

“For hitting your car...” He replied unable to meet my gaze.

“ YOU DID WHAT!” I yelled.

“ I am so sorry I was texting and I wasn’t paying attention and slammed into you.” He said looking at the floor.  I was so mad at him he did all of this. 

“ I hate you get out of here now!” I said angrily

“I understand” He said as he left.

It took me five days to get out of the hospital I was in a wheelchair and neck brace.
One week later
    I came out of my thoughts just then to hear what he had been saying.  Just listening to what he had to say about her made me want to cry.  I hated Jake for what he had done I looked over at him and all I felt was hate.  I wonder how he could have done something so stupid. 

    “Stop Annie, just try and pay attention. It doesn’t matter how much you want to scream or cry just focus.” I thought.

    I was glad that I was able to put everything behind me for that one moment and hear the last part of the service.

    As he said “ Rest in peace Katie we will always love and miss you forever.”

    It was those words that made me cry.  It was those words that made me realize that she was dead, my best friend was really gone. And I was left alone.

The author's comments:

I really wanted to show that their are real dangers with distracted drivers.  I hope that people will understand that thier actions could cause serious sitions

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