June 22, 2017
By joseph.h BRONZE, New York, New York
joseph.h BRONZE, New York, New York
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It was darkness, nothing but darkness. That’s what my life is, darkness. Everything turned bad everyday, if the day was turning good for once, it just turns around. It’s like I am jinxed or something. It can get really bad, but sometimes I wonder if things can get any worse. Today I thought to myself,hey it’s a new day, maybe this day will be different. Boy was I wrong, first I got into trouble at work and my boss almost fired me for the stupidest reason. Apparently I am “disobedient and stupidly dangerous. Guess what I did? Oh I dropped a coffee cup on the printer. You must be thinking oh printers cost a lot of money and coffee will damage it blah blah blah. Well what if I told you the coffee cup was empty. When I came home my mom and dad were having a fight because my dad was drinking more than usual. As I came into the house and watched them fight, they told me I to go away and I was one of their biggest disappointments. They also said if I still wanted to live in the house I needed to pay a third of the rent,but I didn’t get my week’s pay because of the “incident” and now I’m almost bankrupt. My car is running low and I barely have enough money to buy some gas. I parked it in front of my house and I looked up to the window. I saw my mom and she just closed the blinds. I walked around town and just to rethink my whole. At least I have some of my best friends to help me out. I turned on my phone to text them. I had a notification on facebook, I forgot I still had facebook. Its pretty much dead nowadays. My friend Jeff posted something, there was a picture of him and all my friends together. It was his birthday party and he said he wasn’t going to have a birthday party this year. His parties were legendary and he always invites me to them. If he invites you to one of his parties your one of his closest friends, he told me himself. I scrolled through more of the pictures. I saw him and my girlfriend making out in one of them.  Well if that’s the case, then it’s confirmed no one wants me. I walked around town a bit more and I saw the old construction site. It was closed down because one of the cranes lost balance of the steel it was carrying and the steel fell 50 feet from the air. It hit and killed a guy. The guy’s family sued the construction site and they stopped whatever they were building. I jumped over the fence and walked towards the building they were trying to built. Luckily there is no surveillance in this place, so walking in was no trouble at all. I walked into the building and climbed to the top. It was at least 20 stories tall, I wasn’t afraid of anything at this point, so I walked towards the edge. Maybe no one will notice I’m gone. Right before I was about to jump, my mom called. What does she want this time. I answered and I ran right out of the construction site. My grandma got hit by a car and she is in the hospital in serious condition. Right when I was 5 blocks from the hospital, someone yelled hey! I turned around and I saw Jeff, my friend.
“Hey Kevin,” He said.

“Uh... hey,” I said.

“I really need to talk to you.”

“Not right now”

“It’s serious”

“I really have to…”

“Listen please!”

“I can’t right now.”

“Wait, I’m really sorry I lied to you!”

“I really don’t want to talk about that right now”

“Come on.”

“Seriously Jeff”

“I really need about it with you.”

“My grandma is in the hospital.”


“So, I need to go now.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“No, it’s none of your concern.”

“Well then, will we sort this out later?”


I ran as fast as I can not turning back at Jeff.  It wasn’t my grandma wasn’t the only reason I didn’t want to talk to him. Part of me didn’t want to look at him or listen to his voice.  My grandma is the most important person in my life right now. No one else can compare. As I run towards the hospital, while panting I asked where my grandma was. I gave a description and she led me there. As I walked towards the door, I saw my mom and dad holding my grandma’s hand in the window. I pushed the door open and everything went black. I couldn’t feel or see anything. I managed to open my eyes and I saw nothing. It was as if I had a huge migraine and my whole body aches. I tried looking around, but it was if a long sharp knife was scraping my neck as I move it. Trying to move my body was painful. It feels like a thousand needles were tearing my skin and flesh apart. When I finally could endorse the pain and turn around I could see my life, slowly fading away. My family, my friends, my boss, all gone in an instant.  It was darkness, nothing but darkness.

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