Decisions Decisions

June 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Every morning they were there, two plain boxes, unevenly sitting side by side. They had been sitting in that cabinet for about a week now, each one nearing half empty. Each day a choice was made, and each day one of them opened up to his bowl. They were his favorite cereals, and for the thousandth time this week, he’s had problems choosing between them.
One of them, he constantly noted, had a duller taste, yet it was sprinkled with little splashes of flavor now and then. The other however, had a fuller taste everywhere, yet it got repetitive quick. Yet on the other hand, the duller cereal contained healthier nutrients for him, but the other box had a higher content of energy-giving supplies for his day to come. So many choices, so many variables to consider. One box was bright and eye catching with a spectacular splash of color and design, while the other box had a toned down palette, it made up for it with its unique patterns and serious light that worked in its own right. I really have to get into this don’t I. He slid one of the boxes closer to the edge of the cabinet opening, something he’d done many times before, to check the brand. Kellogg. Check. Other box. Kellogg again. Well, they haven’t changed since yesterday morning. The thought of setting up an eating schedule to make this decision easier crossed his groggy mind again, as it did each day, but, like every time, he dismissed it immediately, remembering the previous variables that would mess it up. Some days he would be more tired than the others, not having slept well, and he might need the rejuvenation of the one cereal over the other. Any other day he could wake up happy as can be, no problems in the world and he would want the full taste to kick-start his beautiful day. It was like comparing Disney World of Florida with Universal Studios of California, there was just too many good categories to make a decision. His brain ran out of breath, he’d been contemplating so much.
Can brains do that? Forget it. I have to get my mind off this decision and come back to it later. He stepped away from the cabinet to grab all of the other excess stuff for school he would need, but in doing so, he casually bumped his  shoulder on the open cabinet area. Nothing serious, had the cereal boxes not been pulled out for inspection. At the light touch of his shoulder a box teetered over the edge, landing with a resounding crash and spraying colorful bits of cereal all over the floor. Crap. He rushed around, grabbing the broom and dustpan, sweeping up any stray piece of cereal he found on the floor. He hoped he could finish before anyone woke up to that awful boom of cereal spraying everywhere. As the last piece was cleaned up and dumped into the trashcan he could finally return to his tough decision of what to eat this morning. Except this decision faded with the realization of what happened.
“I guess I have no other choice” he smiled meekly.

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