June 19, 2017
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"It'd be easier not to talk, I'm sure of it. Keep it locked away, so much easier."


"Yeah, okay. It's easier. But what in two years? Will it be easier then? How will you keep on staying quiet? It might be easier now, but in two years? In three?


"It's only four more years of it, I"ll be fine."


"What if someone follows you to college?"


"Who would?"


"I can name two people, three really."


"Third doesn't count, he's only joking."


"Is he?"




"Why in the world are you acting like this?"


"Order and balance. Not to mention it's easier for everyone else."


"Why care about them? In four years it won't matter, right?"




"Not what I meant."


"But it's what you said."


"Since when have you taken things at face value?"


"Since I could make points with them."






"You want to bring up chess, now, do you?"




"That's better. You're being you, for once."


"But that tends to be a bad thing, doesn't it?"


"Not if you're happy."


"What's happy?"


"The way we feel right now."


"How do you know what I'm feeling?"


"I just do."


"No, you don't."


"Right you are. So how do you feel?"


"Everything is rushing, but here time is standing still. I'm watching a scene from a movie that I have a part in, but I don't know what the part is yet, and no one else knows either. We're here, and that's just how it is."


"Is that happy?"


"I don't know."


"Who are we?"


"I can't tell yet."


"Will we find out?"




"Are you happy?"



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