Voices In The Dark

June 18, 2017
By fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
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The house was absolutely amazing. It had a ginormous kitchen, a grand staircase, and my room was the basement! The main reason we moved was so Jenny could be closer to the hospital where she was having Chemotherapy. At the house we lived in before it took two hours to get there. At that house it only took five hours to get there.

Mom wanted me to unpack, but I felt like looking around. When I came down I saw a little room and Ii had wanted to see what was inside. When I put my hand on the door handle it swung open. I figured as long as it was open I’d go ahead in. There was all kinds of knives on a metal table with wheels. In the corner there was a giant metal door. I was already in there i thought I might as well look at all of it. As I drawed closer I started to get colder. When I heaved open the heavy door I figured out why. It was a giant freezer.

“Charlotte, come up for dinner! I made my five cheese lasagna!”

“Coming Mom!”, I yelled back. I would just have to look all that stuff up later.

When I got upstairs I the entire first floor smells like lasagna. I quickly raun to the kitchen and set the table. We had the usual chatter at dinner. Jenny was complaining about how her closet is too small, Mom and Dad talked about work, and I would’ve usually told them all about my day, but i just couldn’t. Jenny would’ve be afraid and if I had just told Mom or Dad they would’ve told her anyways. I decided I would just have to keep that to myself.

Once I got back down to my room i looked up what I had found. Google found me a horror movie called The Haunting in Connecticut, which is about a family that moves into a funeral home. Then I looked up funeral homes. I found some pictures of rooms that looked similar to what was in our house. Great, Mom and Dad had moved us into a funeral home. Just great.

I heard a loud bang and light streams through the little window. Jenny was really afraid of of thunderstorms. Usually she would’ve come running into my room as fast as possible and fling herself onto my bed. I thought she must’ve gone to my parents room. It was a lot closer after all.

I got up in the morning and she wasn’t there. I had looked all day. It wasn’t until later Mom realized what I was doing.

“Mom, I can't find Jenny!”, I screamed.

“Oh, Charlotte.”, Mom sighed, “Go to bed.”

I didn’t understand how she couldn‘t be worried. She was right though. If i was going to look for her all day tomorrow I needed some sleep.

“You should have told them.”

“You knew, it’s all your fault”

“She’ll be gone for good.”

Something had been talking to me from inside the walls. Whatever it was it was right. I should have warned them and I didn’t, but it wasn’t the time for regrets. The voices were coming from the walls, so I thought Jenny would be there too.

I ran outside to Dad’s tool shed and grabbed the hammer. Once I was back in the basement I tried to remember what wall it was coming from. I just couldn’t remember, so I picked a random one. Just as I sunk the hammer into the wall I heard a car pull up. Not long after, Dad and Jenny came thundering down the staircase.

“Charlotte, Charlotte!”,schreed Jenny, “What are you doing?”

“Y-you were stuck in the walls.”, I said, half talking, half panting.

“I was at the hospital, Charlotte that’s not funny.”

“The voices told me you were in there!”

“What voices?”, asked Dad, his expression softening.

“The ones I hear.”, I mumbled.

“Charlotte,sweetheart please get in the car.”, Mom said, I hadn’t even seen her come in.

We drove for a long time before we pulled up to a building with a sign that read, Stoney Creek Mental Health Facility. I knew what that meant. They thought I was crazy. They probably still do.

When we got inside Dad, Jenny, and me sat in the chairs and waited for Mom to finish talking to the nurse. After they were done the nurse escorted me to a room with white walls, a white bed with white sheets, a dresser, and a small television. The whole time she was telling me everything would be okay. Her voice was sweet like honey. She probably had to do that a lot because no matter how soothing her voice was I could sense the routineness in it. I was so afraid to talk . I decided to just keep my mouth sealed in fear of what might happen.

I knew it would get lonely in there, but I had the voices. The first couple weeks the tormented me. Never stopping, always talking. Screaming, whispering, demanding, always demanding.They’ve stopped all that now. They visit once or twice a day. We have conversations then they stop talking for a little while. There hasn’t been a day when they’ve left me alone yet.

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