How a pet can change your life

June 18, 2017
By jshetty SILVER, London, Other
jshetty SILVER, London, Other
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Dear Joey and Marvin,

I hope you both are having a great day. I am writing this letter from my office here at Chandie’s to thank you for being such great flatmates. Having felt jaded and alone when I first joined you guys, now I feel like I have found two best friends. However, you and I always know that if there is something one of us wants, you must first check with the other two. Before you make a decision on this topic, please read this entire letter first.

We have lived together for two years now and I was wondering whether we could introduce some new flavour to the flat. That’s right! I mean a pet. Throughout my childhood, I always use to envy those kids who used to run around in Battersea park with their intelligent, barking dogs. Joey, Marvin how would you like a gold, brown dachshund in our home? My grandmother got it just after the passing of my late grandfather just as I was approaching uni so I never really got to know Quickie very well. However, I sensed such a pure relationship between her and my beloved grandmother when I used to go to her once empty home. Quickie would sleep on her lap at night and follow Grandma around everywhere she went just like Mary and her little lamb. I once remember how upset Quickie was when she wasn’t allowed to go to the doctor’s with Grandma since dogs were forbidden to go in. Not only has Quickie been a friend but she has also acted as a bodyguard. The neighbourhood in which Grandma lives is close to the suburbs of London next to the woods. Intruders have entered the area many times and once Grandma nearly became the victim. Two men wearing balaclavas once entered her home from the back door which hadn’t been locked. Quickie was awake unlike Grandma and instantly, on seeing the thieves started growling at them. After that... well let’s just say she has a very sharp set of teeth that comes in handy when teaching intruders a lesson. 

Seeing the broad smile on Grandma’s face showed me how dogs can change a person’s life. Come on guys, this will make our family complete. If we ever have fights again and face it, we will have many more,  the dog will be our saviour. It will cheer us up and after all, a dog is a man’s best friend. This dachshund has a very noble personality with a stylish walk to boot. There are no bites you would experience with Quickie as you are warm hearted fellows, just soft hand licking and sniffing. I feel obligated to mention that, with my grandmother on her death bed as we speak, it was her last wish that I take care of Quickie. If you guys won’t do this for me, please do this for my grandmother. It’s what she would have wanted. I would say that if it wasn’t for Quickie, grandma would have died about ten years ago.

Now I know, Joey you must be thinking about your allergies. Fear not for Quickie has hardly any fur. In fact, my sister has allergies to dogs too but around the dachshund, no one could suspect that. Quickie licked her face, rolled over her stomach and knees, did everything that could cause the slightest allergy yet Emma came out looking spotless. Joey, I’m telling you buddy just have faith! Staring into Quickie’s droopy puppy dog eyes will make you forget that you even have allergies; and Marvin, I know you hate pets but have you ever tried giving them a chance? While you have a theory that dogs, in particular are needy, jumpy and unpredictable, do you by any chance have an anecdote to prove this or any evidence? I don’t think you do given your tendency to ignore this question when I ask you. I suggest you make a start with Quickie and your ‘philosophy’ about animals will change. Don’t worry about the dog pooping for I will find time everyday to walk Quickie twice.

Lastly, I really think you guys will love Quickie. As I’ve said she is true friend who I assure you, before you know it, will become part of our lives and a member of the family. We’re a tight bunch and Quickie will strengthen the bond between us. She’ll keep us energetic and alive; remember how there were occasions when two of us would be working and the other felt lonely at home? Well now, there is no reason as Quickie will be there to cheer you up.

Thank you for reading this letter! I hope you consider all of this before you make a decision. But I promise, that while there may be issues we have to deal with when looking after her, Quickie will only make our lives greater. See you both later!

Your best bud,


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Sujay said...
on Jul. 16 2017 at 9:55 am
Very funny. And moving in parts. Very refreshing story telling style !!

Lisa said...
on Jun. 25 2017 at 9:41 am
I think this is a great article with fantastic writing style.

Ally said...
on Jun. 25 2017 at 7:41 am
I absolutely adore your style of writing. I can completely relate to the story. Keep up the good work . Can't wait to read more of your amazing stories

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