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June 13, 2017
By ava206 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
ava206 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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This story is about a girl named penny. She has went through some rough things and she just always is quiet, has a big heart for drawing and thinks to herself, until one day, she starts getting mystery inspirational quotes and starts lifting her up little by little.

Chapter 1: dry erase board notes

Penny was never the type to brag about herself, low confidence levels, not happy with her life and always a little more sad each and everyday. She kept to herself and didn’t like confrontation.  She was always the outcast and never left the house without her small whiteboard and little black marker. Ever since her Dad left, she wasn’t the happy girl, who she used to be. All she heard in her head, day in and day out was, “you are worth nothing” or “nobody cares about you” these were the quotes she would keep a constant replay of in her head. She drew her way through her problems and sadness each day, and that’s how she got through everyday. She continued to make everyday an adventure throughout her drawings. Nobody ever asked about what she was doing or asked if she needed anyone. But she secretly wanted someone to talk to deep inside. Give her hope and a purpose for her life. One day, she picked up her whiteboard and was ready to go to the park for the day and as she peered down at her whiteboard, in purple marker it said, “be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything BUT  happy” as she stared at the quote with an emotionless face and confusion, she erased the board and drew her normal sad drawings. Confused as to why that quote was on her board, because it for sure wasn’t something she would of wrote. She went to bed that night and thought and thought about that quote. Impossible, she says as she looks at her celing. The next day she woke up on a bright sunny saturday morning. “Smile! :) it looks great on you!!” once again, another quote Penny had not written. She continued to erase the board just like yesterday and continued on with her sad hymns. As she laid her head down to her pillow that night, she was confused as ever and for some weird reason, did she feel just a spark of happiness that she once had? It couldn’t be. It’s been years since she’s felt that. A small smirk that she was trying to hold back, came across her face, and she went to bed. The next day, she got one that said “Happy mind, Happy life!” she thought, this is the one. And she was right, She realized that in order for her to have a good life, SHE had to have a good attitude! Although, even till this day, she wasn’t quite sure who wrote those whiteboard notes, she went by all those quotes day after day and changed her attitude about life. She continued to carry her whiteboard around and marker, but this time it was only for good reasons. She hoped to help other people put on their new glasses to see the world how she does now. She decided to purchase 50 whiteboards and fill each one with happy quotes, like that someone did to her. She placed them around the park where she used to go to everyday and hoped she could change lives one by one, in return of what she received.

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