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June 16, 2017
By Deep0d0 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Deep0d0 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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One minute, you have 987,654 dollars in your bank account, and now, it's all gone. In the era of tech, there was a city called Techlandia. A well-known business was operating in Techlandia, as well as tons of computers, all doing everything the average computer does on a daily basis. The business was going as usual, and all the sites on the internet were working fine. The government of Techlandia had recently put up a threat to computers trying to hack into businesses in Techlandia.

The computers of Hacklandia, another city, were not pleased after hearing this. They planned for months on end about how they could defeat this threat. One dark, gloomy day, it was raining electric sparks, and the people of Hacklandia were ready to put their big virus onto the internet. So they finally released it onto the internet. 2 hours later, all the computers in Techlandia were down, including all the businesses. The city was in total chaos.

One business in particular, Lapple, a large phone-making company, was down, and they just lost a ton of money due to this. The main brains of the company, Fralap server, was specifically down. Lapple’s stock the day before was hovering around $198, but now their stock crashed to around $108. This happened because the people of Hacklandia made it so that the virus would also steal money. Lapple CEO, Tim Gates, finally made the decision to call 8-7-3 (Techlandia Police Department), and report this huge loss. After that call, TPD started an investigation on the issue. Unfortunately for the hackers from Hacklandia, when they released the virus onto the internet, they forgot to use they anonymous shields so that they can’t be tracked. Due to this, the hackers could be traced to the attack.

“This is Chief Ernest and today we will be taking on major case #17890. First, look into the code of the virus to see if there is any information,” commanded Chief Ernest.

“No information was found,” replied Officer John as he was looking in the logs

“Then, look for the origin of the virus,” Chief Ernest replied, checking the logs himself.

“Found some encrypted information,” replied Officer Bob as he looked through a list of hashes

“Let me take a look….copy this information to Dycryposerver,” replied Chief Ernest as he turned on Dycryposever.

“Ok...done, the attack is from Hacklandia,” replied Officer Jacob as he examined the results from the decryption.

“Also, here are the individual addresses of the attackers,” added Officer Dillan as he scrolling down the list of results

Once they had this information, they could then block that address from going on the internet.

Back in Hacklandia, an army of Block Packets had arrived, which the hackers took a while to figure out the reason for their surprise arrival. These packets had originated from Techlandia, as per their announcement made prior to the attack. The Block Packets were temporarily there until the hackers returned the money that they stole. The hackers had to get back internet privileges for the computers in Hacklandia, so they had to return to money. All the wealth accumulated from this attack was returned back to the respective companies. After that, the computers of Hacklandia were free, and allowed internet again.

“Good work team” Chief Ernest remarked, as he congratulated the fact that they were the ones to take down the major attack.

The author's comments:

This was a classwork piece that I had to write...

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