Just A Regular Day

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

As my Mom's car came to a halt before the place I dreaded most. My school. I made sure I had everything I needed.. I got out and headed towards the doors. As I stepped inside, I felt as though I had PTSD. I walked in towards the cafeteria, and looked for a familar face. I take my picture and find my friend talking to a head I didn't recognize. He turned around and wow. That is a huge change. My freind Caleb had a huge hair cut. No longer the long bouncy looking hair, he had a cut that I almost couldn't recognise him. As we walk around the school, I see more familiar faces. ANd then, bam. What happened to you? Your hair looks kinda bad. "hey Fred". What happened to you? He caught up , and I couldn't help but notice that all my friends were changing. This school is getting smaller. Or so I thought. All of the memories came back to me when I see each new face once again. I don't wanna go to school ever again.

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