The Fortune

June 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Every friday night, a group of friends goes out to the same restaurant, with the same people, ordering the same thing as they did the week before, never changing their routine. They go to a local chinese restaurant, that has been in their town for years.  It’s a small place, but it has always been their favorite. The friend group consisted of 6 people: Molly, Dustin, Jake, Chloe, Liam and Sutton. The 6 friends made a tradition to go every friday night, all the way until their graduation. By now, it was their senior year, so they only had a few more fridays left.
But this friday night, was different. They decided to go at a later time, order different things, and invite some other people- just to mix things up. Sutton felt weird about this, she typically avoided change and liked to stick to her routines; they just worked for her. She tried to reason with them… asking to just do it like they have always done, and she wondered why change it up now. But all of them responded with, “really, Sutton, what could go wrong?” She agreed, but deep down she knew this time would be different from all the rest.
Everyone arrived to the restaurant at 7:30, an hour later than usual. There were 3 more people, whom Sutton have never met before. The energy in the room was different, but it seemed like she was the only one who could tell. Once they ordered their meals, (ordering something different than usual), the conversations started to flow and she felt herself relax. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing, she thought.
Throughout the night, she started to feel at ease. She even caught herself laughing at some things the other’s said, and it actually felt somewhat normal; ignoring the fact that there was other people there and different food on her plate. When the bill came, so did the fourtune cookies. They were Suttons favorite part of the whole night; the curiosity and possibilities that those tiny cookies could hold, fascinated her greatly. She opened hers up, and was certain there had been a mistake.
The cookie read, “6573 Rockway Blvd. Go There.” And that was it.
How is this a fourtune?  Was she supposed to go there? And if so, when? And how? She had so many questions, just starring at the fortune made her fill with annoyance. The night was nothing like she planned, she was supposed to go with her original  group, she was supposed to get there on time and she was supposed to get a normal fourtune. Was that too much to ask?
She looked up and saw everyone sharing their fourtunes and laughing. But, what was there to laugh about for hers? It was an address- for all she knew a criminal could be waiting for her there, or worse. She tried to think of a reasonable explanation. But, couldn’t come up with one.
Sutton went up to the person who handed her the cookie and asked,
“Excuse me, but I think there’s been a mistake. You see, my fourtune cookie says an address and-”
“There are no mistakes,” the lady at the desk said. “You got this fourtune for a reason, so use it”
“Right, but, an address? How is that a fortune?”
The lady merely shook her head and walked away.
“Miss?” She tried calling after her, but she was gone. Now what was she supposed to do?
She walked back to the table and saw everyone was packing up to leave, when her friend asked, “Sutton what does yours say?”
To which sutton replied with, “Nothing, just a dumb saying or something.”
“Oh, bummer. I know how much you love those,” her friend said. “Well anyway, we were all going to go back to Dustin’s house, are you coming?”
“Uh, no, I can’t tonight.” She said “I’ll catch up with you later though.”
She left her tip and walked to her car and sat in it, just starring at the fourtune. 6573 Rockway Blvd. Go There. She repeated it in her head, multiple times, when finally, she just typed it into her phone. It was only 4 minutes away. She debated.
Sutton is typically the type of person to stick to her morals, have the same routines, and stick to what she knew, hardly taking chances. But since tonight was so different already, she thought to herself, why not? What was stopping her from going to this place? Even though the changes that were made tonight would probably seem small to someone else, to her they were major. But, she decided it was time she had more change, after all, she would be going to college in the fall. So, she started the car, hit “directions” on her maps to 6573 Rockway Blvd, and went.

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